Ramping up the volume

Ramping up the volume

The week so far:

Monday morning, 4600 SCY at OSU. Monday evening, 2400m OW at the quarry.

Tuesday afternoon, 6000 SCY at OSU.

This morning (Wednesday), 3300 SCY with the Sharks. This evening, 4000 LCM at OSU.

For those keeping score at home, that’s 20,899 yards in 3 days.

Up next: two recovery days before Saturday’s 6K in Windsor, CO.

I was aiming for 40,000 yards this week. I’ll probably come close.

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  1. Sully


    Nice – I was smitten with 20,500 in 5 days this week. Have you been adding some hypoxic sets for Windsor?

    • Evan


      Nice work!

      I actually don’t care much for hypoxic sets – except for working on long turns & SDKs. It seems to be (I could be wrong) that swimming at elevation isn’t so much about holding your breath as making more efficient use of lower oxygen levels in the air.

      One useful toy in this regard is the FINIS Freestyle Snorkel, which has the additional benefit of encouraging proper technique.


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