Big Shoulders: Notes on a psych sheet

Big Shoulders: Notes on a psych sheet

Tomorrow’s Big Shoulders 5K will have a legitimate claim as the most competitive Masters open-water race in the U.S. outside of the Waikiki Roughwater, and maybe some years of the La Jolla Roughwater. For the first time, there will be an “elite” wave of the top 50 swimmers, according to seed time. Here they are:

first last sex age
Mike Alexandrov M 25
Vincent Allegra M 32
Tim Anderson M 39
Amanda Moguel F 34
Jim Barber M 50
Timothy Carlson M 30
Kelly Childers M 49
Ron Chlasta M 52
Chris Clarke M 41
Kevin Coates M 21
William Cordero M 43
Adam Dawkins M 35
Todd Dawkins M 36
Chris DeJong M 26
David Doherty M 36
Aaron Gabriel M 44
Steven Gregg M 54
Jeffrey Halbert M 36
Emily Hanson F 22
Steve Hartsock M 36
Sam Haywood M 25
William Huibregtse M 45
Rob Iglinski M 34
Ethan Kahn M 47
Josh Kercheval M 29
Jeffrey Maydak M 37
Dave McAnally M 31
Tom McCabe M 52
David McClellan M 42
Lauren Mcquaid F 36
Evan Morrison M 30
Shaun Morrow M 42
Andrew Mueller M 20
Mark O’Malley M 34
Craig Oppel M 43
Kelly Perry F 31
Benjamin Price M 32
Dave Pushka M 46
Victoria Rian F 43
Erica Rose F 28
Megan Ryther F 31
Susie Shuck F 44
David Sims M 47
Mark Stori M 44
Polly Surhoff F 46
Alex Tyler M 21
Ross Vimr M 24
George Wendt M 62
Ashley Whitney F 31

With just a cursory glance, I see three Olympians (Alexandrov, Gregg, Sims), one current American record holder (Alexandrov), one recent American record holder (DeJong), three current or recent U.S. open-water national team members (Hanson, Rose, Ryther), two open-water “Triple Crown” members, and the #1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, & 11 finishers at this year’s USMS 10K Championship.

It will be an interesting first couple hundred meters, to say the least!

5 Responses to “Big Shoulders: Notes on a psych sheet”

  1. Sully


    Top-10 or sub 60 still?

    • Evan


      The field is, I think, substantially stronger than last year, so the former will be a stretch. And if the washing machine-esque lake I experienced this morning is any indication, so will the latter.

      • Sully


        Sounds like a tough race in both regards. Just go out and lay down a stellar effort!

        • Evan


          Well, I might just have made top 10. No sub-60, though – I don’t think anyone was under an hour today! Results should be posted later this PM.

  2. IronMike


    Good luck!


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