2011 USMS Open-Water Championships

2011 USMS Open-Water Championships

The schedule of 2011 USMS open-water national championships is now available. I did the “grand tour” this year – and it was fun – but I had no plans to replicate it next year. Unfortunately, this schedule makes it look as if USMS is trying to prevent people from doing them all:

  • June 12 – 10K – Fort Myers, FL
  • June 18 – 25K – Noblesville, IN
  • June 25 – 5K – Coney Island, NY
  • July 3 – 1 mile – Sweet Home, OR
  • August 13 – 2-mile (cable) – Lake Placid, NY
  • August 20 – 2.4-mile – Madison, WI

That’s right – 4 of the 6 national championships are on four consecutive weekends! Even better, the marathon, ultra-marathon, and half-marathon distances (10K, 25K, and 5K) are on three consecutive weekends.

Some other interesting co-incidences (in the literal sense), especially relevant to marathon swimmers:

For open-water swimmers, it always seems like the days of summer are too few. This really takes that sentiment to an entirely new level!

5 Responses to “2011 USMS Open-Water Championships”

  1. Sully


    The 2 mile Cable Swim will be awesome. Ironman USA is at Lake Placid and the venue gets nothing but amazing praise each year. Here is a quazi interesting video about TI’s Laughlin and the 1 mile cable at Mirror Lake, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcNN6W-MlxQ&feature=related.

    • Evan


      I’d love to get up there for that… but it may be the same day as Boston Light. And between the $1200 entry fee for Tampa Bay and $1650 for MIMS, the travel budget will be limited.

  2. IronMike


    You just make me want to return to the states sooner! I’d love to have to choose from all those great offerings. Meanwhile, here in Moscow (high today was 48F), I’m hoping to make the ONE open water event near Moscow next summer. 😉

    • Evan


      Yeah I know – it’s one of those “good problems,” right? When do you think you’ll be back stateside for good?

  3. IronMike


    I’ve still got about 2 years here.


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