Catalina date set

Catalina date set

I mentioned in my tentative 2011 race schedule that I was contemplating a date with the Catalina Channel in the late summer. That date is now set: August 25, 2011.

My support crew (tbd) and I will leave the Port of Long Beach aboard Capt. Greg Elliott’s Bottom Scratcher (what a fantastic name for a boat) around 8:30pm on the 24th. Upon reaching the northwest end of Catalina Island at Doctor’s Point, my swim will begin around midnight. I will swim at a NNE-erly bearing until I reach the San Pedro Peninsula on the California mainland, 20 miles away. If conditions and luck are favorable, I should stumble onto the beach near Rancho Palos Verdes, just SE of Pt. Vicente lighthouse, between 8 and 9am.

It will be my first channel crossing, my first solo swim, but also a homecoming of sorts. I was born and raised in Southern California, and my family goes back several generations in the area. I spent a week on Catalina for 6th grade “camp” – still one of my favorite memories. I’m similarly excited for this as I am for MIMS, though for completely different reasons.


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  1. IronMike


    Damn, that is going to be incredibly exciting. Looking forward to “following” you on the internet, as well as following you in real life in a few years!

  2. Mark


    Evan – That’s a fantastic list of swims you have lined up for 2011. Best of luck.
    Good to see you at UIC today.

    • Evan


      Thanks Mark. You should be seeing me around there a little more often… well, at least that’s the plan :-)


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