Passing Lieto in NOLA

Passing Lieto in NOLA

I wanted to pass along training partner Jared‘s fascinating report from this past weekend’s 5i50 New Orleans triathlon. I enjoyed, in particular, (1) how nonchalantly he accepts the swim portion of the event being canceled and replaced with a 2-mile run (this would have made me very grumpy); and (2) his story of passing Chris Lieto on the (2nd) run.

Jared ended up 8th out of 22 Pros – a great result given the strength of the field.

In other news, our new mayor (maybe you’ve heard of him) is now swimming with our Masters group. Ah, big city life.

2 Responses to “Passing Lieto in NOLA”

  1. d barra


    does he get his own lane

    • Evan


      no but someone did bring brownies for inauguration day.


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