Ederle Swim tomorrow

Ederle Swim tomorrow

UPDATE: Swim has been postponed to Sunday, due to high winds and a small craft advisory.

Tomorrow morning, while most sane people are sleeping in, a few friends and I will swim 17.5 miles from Sandy Hook, New Jersey, under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and into New York Harbor, finishing at South Cove in lower Manhattan. The swim was pioneered by Gertrude Ederle in 1925.

This is the final event of the NYC Swim series, and my final marathon swim of the year. There are five waves, the first starting at 7:00am EDT. My wave (the fifth) begins at 7:50. Estimated finish time for the winner is 12:15pm.

The swim is timed during an unusually swift flood tide, so the winner will likely set a new record for the NJ-NY direction of the swim. The current record of 6:06 was set earlier this year by Liz Fry as part of her double.

The GPS tracking site is not yet available, but will probably be here. NYC Swim’s Twitter feed is here. I can’t guarantee either will be operational, but I hope they will be.

5 Responses to “Ederle Swim tomorrow”

  1. Katie


    Good luck! I’ll be swimming a mile in exotic Tempe Town Lake during the Ederle swim. I’ll try to pretend I’m you.

    • Chicken O'Sea


      Katy, I’ve tried that before and it hasn’t worked for me. I keep forgetting and end up pretending to be a baby hippo instead :)

  2. Anthony McCarley


    Congratulations on another great swim!

  3. Katie


    Great job, Evan!


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