Marathon Swimmers Forum after 20 days

Marathon Swimmers Forum after 20 days

Since its beta launch March 7 and its public launch March 12, the Marathon Swimmers Forum has attracted 230 registered members (and many more who benefit from its content anonymously), and over 23,000 page-views.

It’s already a remarkable community – vibrant, diverse, and global. The Forum brings together some of the most accomplished and knowledgeable marathon swimmers in the world, and puts them in the same “virtual” room with swimmers who may be attempting their first 10K swim.

The quality of the content is astonishing, and has exceeded even my own high expectations. As for quantity, well… no interpretation is necessary:

marathon swimmers forum stats
Forum Participation Statistics: March 6 - March 27

A Tale of Two Posts

The Forum recently benefited from “mentions” by two of the world’s best-known open-water swimming promoters: Steven Munatones, founder of Open Water Source and the Daily News of Open Water Swimming; and Paul Ellercamp, founder of Oceanswims in Australia. We appreciate their help in getting the word out.

Steve and Paul’s respective posts are an interesting study in contrasts. Donal and I provided no “press release” verbiage, aside from our initial blog posts, so their choice of words is their own.

Here is Steve’s post on the Daily News, from Saturday morning Pacific time (btw, the picture is of me at Promontory Point in Chicago, and photo credit is due to Louise LeBourgeois):

And here is Paul’s article in his weekly Oceanswims newsletter:

Interesting, hmm? I invite you to offer your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks again to both Steve and Paul for their help in sending interested marathon swimmers (and aspiring marathon swimmers!) to the Forum.

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  1. IronMike


    I find it hard not to laugh at Steve’s title. I am anything but the creme de la creme!

    • Evan


      I’m not sure it was meant as a compliment, so be glad for that!


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