Gone fishin’

Gone fishin’

In the past 15 days I have:

  • Swum across the Maui Channel as part of a relay.
  • Swum across the Maui Channel solo.
  • Observed two SBCSA solo swims from Anacapa Island to Oxnard, one of which was a new record, and the first under 5 hours.
  • Observed two Catalina Channel solo swims.
  • Swum across the Santa Barbara Channel, solo, from Santa Cruz Island to Oxnard.

At some point, I’ll find the time to write it all up. I appreciate your patience.

3 Responses to “Gone fishin’”

  1. Bob Needham


    I wish I had that many excuses for my delay in writing up my summer swims.

  2. Donal


    There’s a subtle comfort knowing that your blog writing queue is full.

    • Evan


      It grows ever-larger by the day. Bursting at the seams…


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