Auau (Maui) Channel solo swim – Preview

Auau (Maui) Channel solo swim – Preview

I was in Maui over Labor Day weekend, and managed not one, not two, but three round-trip crossings to nearby Lanai: as a member of a 6-person team in the Maui Channel Relay; a solo swim along the same course; and a snorkeling outing (via ferry) to otherworldly Hulopoe Beach.

Here’s a short video with some pictures & GoPro footage from the solo swim (click through to Vimeo for HD version):

Maui Channel solo swim from Evan Morrison on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Auau (Maui) Channel solo swim – Preview”

  1. IronMike


    Awesome. Lucky bastard.

  2. James G. Caldwell


    I am the first Record Holder, solo, to Cross Maui Channel in 1970 (Maui to Lanai, Auau. )
    I am the first Record Holder, solo to Cross Kalohi Channel in 1979 (Maui to Molokai,)
    In 2008 the Senate of Hawaii inducted me in the Hawaii Hall of Fame for Channel Swimming.
    I am #3 in the living history of Hawaiian Solo Crossers.
    You should write about each first record holder solo crosser for all Channels. my Training Partner, Harry
    Huffaker, is #2, in Hawaii. He has done 5 Channels, including Alenuihaha, 30 miles. He is now at age 76
    announced a 3rd crossing of Molokai Channel, 26 miles on Sept 18-31 , 2015, (window dates)


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