SBCSA website gets a refresh

SBCSA website gets a refresh

Have you checked out the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association web presence lately? I finally managed to wrangle the FTP credentials for the site, which had become outdated as our Association has grown. I recently put a solid weekend into “refreshing” the site — and, though the project is not finished, I’m pleased with the progress.

I’ll draw your attention to a few exciting new features:

  • New live sea temperature data widget on the homepage.
  • New “Latest News” section on the homepage.
  • Greatly simplified navigation menu (all pages).
  • Totally re-worked Swim Successes and Records page, which draws content from a Google spreadsheet for easier maintenance.
  • Totally re-worked Conditions page, including a visualization of water temperature trends in the Anacapa Channel.
  • New Live Conditions page, showing live water temp, wind, and surface currents in the Channel.
  • New Live Tracking page, which – if a SBCSA swimmer is currently in the water – will show their SPOT GPS tracks.
  • Totally re-worked News Archives page, which organizes old newsletters, news clippings, and personal swim stories into conveniently expanding/collapsing javascript divs. Yay!

The old site – before I touched it – can be viewed HERE for reference.

Suggestions for further improvements? Leave a comment on this post.

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