Some miscellaneous items

Some miscellaneous items

It’s a typically slow time of year for my swimming related endeavors. And so it’s been here at the blog, too! A few brief updates:

  • Exciting times at the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

San Nicolas Island is the real-life location of the beloved children’s novel The Island of the Blue DolphinsIt is also the only one of the eight Channel Islands that has never (to our knowledge) been swum to, from, or around. Possibly because the distance between the island and the closest point on the California mainland is more than 61 miles.

Anyway, the island is now owned and operated by the US Navy. Recently, an archaeologist in the employ of said Navy made an exciting discovery: the long-lost cave in which the “lone woman” immortalized in Blue Dolphins apparently made her home in the mid-19th century!

And here’s a follow-up article in the Santa Barbara Independent with some gorgeous photography.

The same Independent writer also recently did a cool story on his hiking explorations of southeast Santa Cruz Island – near where my big swim in September began.

  • MIMS selection committee.

I joined it. Thanks to Morty for the opportunity to further serve the sport of marathon swimming.

  • Global Marathon Swimming Awards

The first annual Global Marathon Swimming Awards at, which I announced six weeks ago, have opened for final voting. We received a variety of compelling nominations from the Forum community, and are excited to announce the following finalists:

Solo Swim of the Year (Female): Annaleise Carr, Chloe McCardel, Tina Neill

Solo Swim of the Year (Male): Trent Grimsey, Craig Lenning, Bill Shipp

The Barra Award: David Barra, Darren Miller, Anna-Carin Nordin, Stephen Redmond, Grace van der Byl

marathon swimmers forum

If you were a member of the Forum on December 2nd, you should have received an email invitation to the voting website on Tuesday. If you didn’t get one and you think you should have, leave a comment on this post with your forum username, and I will investigate.

  • Offering of the Year

Speaking of the Marathon Swimmers Forum: It has been nominated for a World Open Water Swimming Association award as “Offering of the Year.” If you are so inclined, please consider casting a vote for us HERE.


Just over 24 hours remain in the online fundraising campaign for DRIVEN: The Marathon Swimming Documentary — featuring, among others, me! They’ve raised almost $11K from 112 unique supporters. Their goal is $20K. For $100, your name will be listed in the credits!

  • Coach Mark

Mark Warkentin, 2008 open-water Olympian and crew member on my Catalina and Santa Cruz Island swims, has been named the new head coach at Santa Barbara Swim Club, the team he and I grew up swimming with. It’s one of the most coveted club coaching jobs in the country, and this is a big break for Mark. Congrats to my old friend.

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  1. GarrettFM


    If I were a young swimmer in the Santa Barbara area, I would be stoked. Mark is – and really has been for a long time – the perfect choice for that job.

  2. Sully


    Pretty loaded blog post. Congrats to all!

    • Evan


      Yeah I guess a lot actually has been happening despite the slow time of year. Maybe just the writing is slow.


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