The music of DRIVEN

The music of DRIVEN

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[Narrator] Day breaks.

And almost miraculously, despite five hours of complete darkness and grueling conditions, Evan’s swim is still just on track to break the speed record.

But even though time is on his side, Evan’s will to push on teeters on the brink.

[Evan] I wasn’t motivated. There was no goal I had in mind — at least at night.

Really, there was just nothing else but: One stroke after another.

And then during the day, everything shifted a little bit.

There’s an unavoidable thing, with the sun coming up into the sky, and night turning into day. Life seems a little bit better.

I guess I thought to myself: Well, I made it to this point. I can’t really quit now. That would be ridiculous.

[Narrator] Evan doesn’t push on; he charges on.

[David Yudovin] If you’re motivated to make the swim, it’s going to work. If it’s deep in your heart, it will all fall into place.

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Launching the global Rules of Marathon Swimming

Launching the global Rules of Marathon Swimming

We’ve come a long way in four years.

“Evan’s Swim Blog” became “Freshwater Swimmer,” which finally became “Farther, Colder, Rougher.”

A mile became two; 5K became 10K; 10 miles became 24, round-Manhattan, Catalina, and an Ederle record. The SBCSA led to a Santa Cruz Island swim, which turned into DRIVEN. That one time at swim camp led, in a roundabout sorta way, to San Francisco and the South End.

A transcontinental online friendship with Donal Buckley, the Loneswimmer, produced the Marathon Swimmers Forum. The Forum made international news, and my girlfriend’s parents met me for the first time on NBC Nightly News.

And the soul-searching discussions that followed – the realization that no one was better positioned to move our sport forward than we are – ultimately produced this:

With Andrew Malinak, Donal Buckley, Elaine Howley, and the Marathon Swimmers Federation we represent, I’m proud to announce:

The MSF Rules of Marathon Swimming

If you like them, please add your endorsement here or on the Forum.…