Kayaker for Portland river swim?

I'm trying to get an experienced and lovely kayaker for the Portland river 11-mile swim. For those of us who are not blessed with kayaking spouses/relatives/friends, how do we find someone? How much do we pay? What do you discuss with your kayaker pre-race?

Oh, and does anyone know a great kayaker in the Portland area who would be willing to kayak for me? I'm slow but cheerful, I never whine, and I don't get tired.


  • I need to work on getting a kayaker for myself and a friend. I have potentially 2 family members (no experience supporting a swimmer) and someone I used last year (her first time supporting a swimmer). I'll start asking around and see if I can get a lead on one for you.
  • Thanks, Bob! Much appreciated.
  • I'd like to eventually swim the Willamette event and I've considered escorting to get a feel for it. I'd offer my inexperienced self, but I'm not positive I'm available that weekend. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.
    Are either heart or bob going to Applegate Lake?
  • I'm going to Applegate Lake on the 14th. I hope my arms don't shrivel before the Willamette!
    And, do let me know if you can kayak on the 22nd!
  • I'll also be at Applegate
  • Folks - any news on kayakers for July 22nd in the Willamette?
  • I'm not available, sorry, I was hoping it would work out. Good luck.
  • Sorry, I haven't heard back yet from the person who kayaked for me last year to see if they'd be interested in doing it for you this year.
  • Bob, Marisa found me a kayaker; we're good to go. Will you be swimming that race this year?
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