Kim Chambers solo swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate

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Her swim is set to start tonight at 11:30PM PST. Good luck Kim!



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    ![]Kimberley Chambers has just become the first woman to swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge in a time of 17 hours and 12 minutes...She is one tough Kiwi..Ted Erickson completed the swim in the 60's and recently Joe Locke.


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    ![Kim Farallons Courtesy of Bob Tandler


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    Totally awesome! :-)

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    @Sharko, Stu Evans also completed a Farrallones to Mainland in the 60's and Craig Lenning did as well last year,(2014) landing at Muir Beach, following the flashlight of a firefighter who is friends with a friend of mine who was following Craig on the tracker. She then texted the firefighter, who went down to the beach to help Craig see where to land. Technology......


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  • All over the network news. Last time at least local news caught the story of Simon Dominguez's effort (in which they buried the lead which was, IMHO, Man swimming 18 hours).

    I have to say that someone out there in SF is doing a bang up job at getting media coverage. Congratulations to them as well.

    I'm sorry, I didn't say first off; Congratulations to Kim Chambers. Wow, Great swim and tremendous resume' you've put together. An inspiration to the sport. I hope other people see and follow your lead.

    Since I'm here. Also big ups to Katie Ledecky. I know, it's different, but that doesn't mean she's not a natural to evolve to this sport.

    So, to hesplain, there is no time to a'splain.. to sum up: Congratulations to Kim Chambers and her crew. Congratulations to Simon Dominguez and his crew. Congratulations to whomever has made the connection between SF MOWS and the media. Congratulations to Katie Ledecky, we'll be looking for you in the open waters. Congratulations to all of you who keep this sport kicking and stroking!

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    Dredpiraterobts said: I have to say that someone out there in SF is doing a bang up job at getting media coverage.

    Well observed. It's the most mainstream media coverage marathon swimming has had since Nyad. It's cool when our sport gets a little public visibility, especially for a swim that was done (as far as I know) according to standard rules and conduct (in contrast to the Nyad situation). And I wouldn't be surprised if there's a noticeable uptick in membership applications to the South End and Dolphin Clubs.

    Though, I can't help but note a little irony in the fact that there were two other successful Farallon solos within the past year that passed by largely unnoticed. And a triple English Channel crossing on the same day!

    It's great Kim succeeded, and great that a woman has now joined Ted Erikson, Joe Locke -- and Stew Evans and Craig Lenning.

    It may be a while before we get another, given the generationally-warm water temps we have right now. That's usually the limiting factor on Farallon swims - it's a race against hypothermia. It's not uncommon to see temps in the 40's out at the Farallons, even in late summer. Nobody can spend 17 hours in that.

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