Next time you think your swim is tough

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Was posted in a reddit thread yesterday. This guy finished the Chesapeake Bay swim last weekend. I found the video incredible.


  • I'm SO glad to see he finally finished GCBS! He had to be pulled last year due to the storm. He was almost to the other side too!
  • Thanks for posting! I was there and I knew that he was making an attempt, so glad to know the outcome!
  • Thanks for that. I was hoping he'd do it.
    Craig is a local and I met him a few months ago while training at the Y in Harrisburg. When I saw him get in the pool and start training, I actually stopped my workout (something I never do) to watch. He was awesome and in speaking to him later, one of the nicest guys you could ever meet to boot. I decided right then and there that he was my STDPS (Short Term Duration Personal Savior) for this year for when things get ugly in races - if he can do it and smile, I have no reason to whine.


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    Thanks for sharing!
  • Fantastic! Well done Craig. Nearly everyone else in the world can't swim 2 miles and you can.
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    Hero! I saw this vid a while ago and remember tearing up seeing the can-do attitude Craig has. I'm excited to meet him at the OW Safety Conference in September.
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    That is absolutely terrific. Thank you for posting. Congrats Craig for a great swim!
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