Applegate Lake 10k (USMS Championship)

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Will any of you forum folk be swimming this one on July 14th? The pictures make it seem heavenly.


  • I want to go, but between a 25k two weeks after and 8 weeks earlier, a wedding next january, and travel costs associated with getting up from Louisiana, I couldn't justify it. It looks like a great place for a swim, though
  • I'll be there. It's a great venue and is as beautiful as it looks in the picture. I strongly recommend this event to everyone except men in the 55 - 59 AG.
  • bobswims said:

    I strongly recommend this event to everyone except men in the 55 - 59 AG.

    Last year, 10k nationals were the same day as a swim I did in Chattanooga (the 4.5 mile Rat Race, which was a great swim that I would highly recommend). There were no men entered in the 25-29 age group. I wish I would have known that before I paid that entry fee. Drat.
  • I'll be there. It's only a week after my first 10 mile race (Kingdom Swim), so it probably won't be pretty. I'm kind of hoping for a somewhat empty age group.
  • It'll be one week before I do the 11-mile Portland river swim, so I don't plan to kill myself. It would therefore be terrific if no women aged 35-39 showed up. :)
  • Hmmm starting to seriously think about it - I have to be in Seattle for work the following week so could theoretically drive up from SF on Friday, swim Saturday, then drive to Seattle Sunday... - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer
  • That's more or less my plan. Driving there on Fri, then continuing to Portland for the bridge swim.
  • Yikes. Just realized the race is only a week and a half away and I haven't figured out a place to stay yet. It seems like most of the normal hotels are sort of far away out in Medford (a 45min. drive or more. Not exactly that bad but not ideal, especially for an early morning race).
    Are the other people who are going planning on camping, just dealing with the drive, or have you found other places to stay?
  • I would love to do that swim - but I will be doing the Chris Greene Lake swim in Charlottesville Virginia that day, and the USMS 10 mile swim in Lake Minnetonka on July 28 - but would love to travel there next year!
  • I've only swam at Applegate twice, but one time I camped and another time I stayed near Medford. Each one has it's merits. Camping gets you close to the venue, but more importantly, it's beautiful to camp at Applegate. Sleeping on the ground can be a challenge if you are not used to it, but making sure you have an air mattress or thick pads solves the problem. On top of that you get to do a wonderful evening pre-swim. The second time I stayed at a cheap motel near Medford because I was coming from a swim I did in Seattle that day. I slept well, but I don't think it was worth it. Google maps puts the drive at 45 minutes, but I never noticed because the drive is so beautiful
  • @jroyer: By the time we got our act together, the regular camp site was full. But there are still RV sites open - you can email the person listed on their website. We're staying in a B&B in Jacksonville:
  • Thank you all for your help. I was able to get a spot at the Jackson campground, which is on the same lake and only a few miles away from the race site. Looking forward to the race and hope to maybe meet a few if you.
  • Current weather prediction on race day:

    Sunny and 98°.

    Let's hope the water is not too warm.
  • Sucked it up despite a lack of any recent serious training and drove up from SF, hope to see some of you at the start tomorrow. Heck someone has to be last :) - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer
  • Well I had a ton of fun at this event. Gorgeous weather, perfect water temperature. Have to say lake swimming is a *lot* easier than ocean swimming though. - open water adventures of a very ordinary swimmer
  • It was a beautiful venue! And the water was delightful. I agree, perfect temperature. Things turned around for me in the fourth lap, though. Something in my shoulder snapped and I had to swim most of the fourth lap one-armed. And, as sometimes happens in long swims, psychological stuff preyed on me because of the pain... and the chop picked up, just to add to the fun. But I was glad I stuck out with it and finished, and it was delightful to meet a few forum members and enjoy the lake.

    Tommy Emmanuel played at the Britt festival that evening, which made it a truly perfect day.

    Now pondering whether my shoulder will enable me to do the river swim on Sunday.
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