Swimming Pool Tether

I had a search on the forum and whilst the are a few minor references I have not been able to get any real information about swimming pool tethers such as the one this company offers https://www.swimtether.com/

Does anyone have any experience of these? are they any good? and are there versions which don't require that you drill holes into your swimming pool tiling?



  • IronMikeIronMike Arlington, VACharter Member

    I swam for two years in a 7-ish meter pool attached to a tether, ending in my successful crossing of lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan. I used the Aqua Sphere stationary swimmer, which I really liked. Didn't have to drill anything. Hooked around the skimmer basket hole or when I was using my boss's tiny pool, I wrapped it around the ladder. Definitely worked, but boy did it ever get boring.


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  • SamSam Member

    @IronMike that's brilliant and about $100 cheaper than one I'd found. I've ordered one already! Thanks

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