Lake George solo swims

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Documentation of @Jaimie Monahan's and Jen Dutton's ( @jendut ) Lake George swims last August is now available for viewing:

Including David Dammerman's swim (previously published), all three of the "modern" Lake George swims are quite well-documented - setting an awesome example for future Lake George aspirants.

I'm guessing there will be a few of those this year, so for the record, here's the list of nine swimmers to have completed the 32.2-mile / 51.8-km length (between Ticonderoga and Lake George Village) since Diane Struble in 1958:

Date Name Gender Country Route Time
1958-08-23 Diane Struble F US N-S 35:30:00
1962 Bill Stevens M US N-S 31:27:00
1967-08-18 George Dempsey M US N-S 32:15:00
1977-06-13 Stella Taylor F US N-S 26:51:00
1981 John Freihofer M US N-S 21:26:00
1983-08-12 Jerry Ferris M US N-S 29:15:00
2016-06-19 David Dammerman M US N-S 18:49:22
2016-08-07 Jaimie Monahan F US S-N 21:13:00
2016-08-09 Jennifer Dutton F US S-N 22:51:00




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    Thanks @evmo! Very happy to be on this list - it's a great swim. If anyone is interested in doing it I'm happy to answer any questions. One note - I think Stella Taylor was English although she lived in the US much of her life. Not sure how these things are counted though..

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    Congratulations to @thelittlemerwookie for an awesome first Lake George Solo of the year! 19 hours, 21 minutes in water temps of about 59-61F/15-16C. 10th swim that we know of, and new female record.! Awesome job!!!

  • jendutjendut Charter Member

    THAT IS SO IMPRESSIVE! And FAST! And COOL! Congratulations Caroline!

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