Improved Inexpensive Dry Bags

I was in Wal-Barf the other day and was poking around the fabric section for a project I am working on. It turns out that they sell a fabric that has a full flexible layer of PVC (a.k.a. "vinyl") bound to one side of the fabric. It's waterproof and makes a much more pleasing dry bag than the pure vinyl I talked about before.

You can make a dry bag with this fabric in pretty much the same way as with the pure vinyl. The only thing different concerns seaming the seams - this isn't de rigeur, but I suggest doing this: To seal the seams, start with the vinyl facing out, put a line of stitches (use nylon) about 1/4 inch from the fabric's edge and then take a 1 inch strip of the material and use that to seal the seam by using plumber's pvc cement to bind the pvc side of the 1 inch strip for 1/2 inch on each side of the seam of the bag.

The local store had blue, grey and hot pink versions of this fabric and it only costs $4.99 for a yard of fabric that is 54 inches wide, so it is actually cheaper than the pure vinyl I was using.

[Start Secret guy discussion - women aren't allowed to read this part...] In my experience, if a guy goes into a fabric store/department, the women working there (I've only met 1 guy working in a fabric store) treat you like you just got done killing your entire family with a plastic fork right before coming to the store. You can handle this like I do. I hold the fabric up to my chest and tell them I want the fabric to make a dress for myself to go out to dinner in while pivoting slightly on my heel and then ask them if the fabric complements my eyes. It either makes them laugh or they threaten me with their scissors. [End Secret guy discussion]



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