Changes at ACNEG?

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Anyone know what's going on with ACNEG (Gibraltar Strait Swimming Assoc.)?

Due to a problem (we have lost a big part of the last years emails) and also a change in management and leadership of this association, we inform you that during the month of September we'll accept applications for the 2018 crossings. Thereby we call for those swimmers who had contacted us during the last year , do it again and send (as a voucher) the first email.

source: publicidad.html



  • IronMikeIronMike Arlington, VACharter Member

    There was something on their facebook late last year saying the same thing and asking everyone to resend their emails about requested crossings. I wrote to Rafael on Oct 2nd and on Oct 3 last year he wrote me back telling me I'm still good for my Aug 2018 attempt.

    I went back to their FB page and couldn't find the notice from last year. The one you've linked, I guess that's new? I'm going to write to Rafael again and make sure I'm still good.

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  • ssthomasssthomas DenverCharter Member
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    @Karl_Kingery: do you know anything different/additional? I feel like you got a similar email last year?

  • Karl_KingeryKarl_Kingery Denver, COMember

    nothing substantial that @evmo And @IronMike havn't mentioned. I'm honestly surprised (although I probably shouldn't be) that they haven't updated the website. That same page and text has been there since at least November.

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