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Can someone hook me up with the registration link for the Pennock Island Swim for this August? I can't find it.


  • suziedodssuziedods Charter Member

    @kimh did it most recently, I'd check w her.

    Looking for the next big thing.. ... @suzieswimcoach

  • kimhkimh Member

    I have no insider info--if they sent me info about this year's swim I missed it. I think the last couple years they've done it in conjunction with JDRF (used to be juvenile diabetes research foundation, now they do research for more than just juvenile diabetes, but for some reason are hanging on to the initialism), so I would google that in conjunction with pennock.

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    At the bottom of this info page for 2016 is an email for Aric Hareland at JDRF (

    "Grumpytuna" (Willie Schultz) last posted the swim on USMS events page in 2015, so perhaps is no longer involved in the organizing or promoting of it.

    It's always struck me as a neat swim.

    @kimh: I'd be interested to read a write-up of the swim, if you did one. Thanks!

  • kimhkimh Member

    all of this kind of slipped my mind until a thread on my swim club's listserv about electrolytes, gu, and GI distress reminded me of it, as pennock was also the swim on which i consumed way too much gu and ended up paying the price for it later that night, when i barfed up errrrryyyythang, including the dinner held for the swimmers. (felt fantastic afterwards though!) anyway, i just googled around and couldn't find it either. i emailed one of the organizers from last year to see whether it's happening this year. they were nice people but not good at promotion/publicization.

  • Thanks, Kim!

  • kimhkimh Member

    I only just heard back from them.

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