Awesome Looking Canadian Swim, 14 -15 km.

I haven't seen this mentioned before, but there is a charity/"tourist" swim of 14-15 km between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island that follows the Confederation Bridge across the Northumberland Strait. It's not a race and they don't enforce anything like MSF rules, but one could do it MSF-style, as that seems allowed. On top of that, the Northumberland Strait has some of the warmest ocean water temps in the Atlantic north of Virginia - typical is 65-70 degrees F and can get to 77 degrees F at times, so no cold water training needed. This year's swim is Sunday, 6 August. They limit it to 50, but I couldn't find anywhere that says if it's full or not. Judging by some of the pictures I saw, 50 seems wildly optimistic.

Link & more info:



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