Tsugaru Channel - Darren Miller

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Cheering on Darren Miller as he swims across the Tsugaru Channel in Japan. He started at 4:10 local time. According the Japanese fishing law and rules of the association he must finish the swim by sundown (7:10 PM) or be pulled. He has been fighting a current but it is just about to change. You can follow his SPOT GPS here. Go Darren Go!!!


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    Can't wait to wake up in the morning to see Darren standing on the shores of Hokkaido with the Fifth Challenge under his belt! Rock it for the Forever Fund and for all those that look up to you including this Delaware swimmer!
  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    Darren's a great swimmer, an even better guy, and very supportive of this Forum in its early days. Tsugaru is a notoriously unpredictable swim, but Darren is as tough as they come. May the currents be with you, @ForeverSwim !
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    The SPOT GPS shows him starting off of the coast, so I think it's off a bit. Or is it just my computer? Plus, the tab says Catalina. Weird.

    Still, it looks like he's well on his way. Go Darren!!!
  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    SPOT can only show 50 points on one page; to see previous points use the arrows near the bottom left.
  • IronMikeIronMike Moscow, RussiaCharter Member
    Oh! I wondered why it stayed at 50. Had no idea. Thanks Evan!
  • IronMikeIronMike Moscow, RussiaCharter Member
    Am I right when I say it looks like he's gone past landfall? Does he have to land at a specific point on the northern island?
  • jcmalickjcmalick Wilmington, DECharter Member
    Anywhere on Hokkaido (Northern Island) constitutes as a crossing. Almost there!
  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
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    From Facebook:

    The Tsugaru Channel was, by far, the hardest thing I have ever completed in my life! Supposed to be about 8 hours, it took 15:55. I started off by slipping on the rock I started off of, and was bleeding from my hands and lower left leg - probably not the best thing to do when swimming with critters. The "surface chop" I faced just beat me half to death for about 80% of the journey... I cannot express how thankful I am for my crew, and everyone who followed along, and sent me wishes of encouragement from home - God Bless, because it meant the world to me to have your support! I'm think I'm going to go to bed now ;)

    Congrats, Darren!
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    Awesome Darren! Congratulations on staying the course and conquering Tsugaru.
  • IronMikeIronMike Moscow, RussiaCharter Member
  • heartheart San Francisco, CACharter Member
    What an incredible swim, Darren - congratulations!
  • Darren, CONGRATS. Fast, successful, tenacious, tough , good looking. It's almost enough t make you dislike Darren, if he wasn't so NICE also! Great man yourself.

    Well deserved and delighted for you.
  • WaterGirlWaterGirl Scottsdale, AZCharter Member

    Supposed to be about 8 hours, it took 15:55.

    I don't think anything could be tougher than a swim taking twice as long as you expect. Excellent job soldiering through that.
  • ForeverSwimForeverSwim Charter Member
    Thank you everyone for your awesome support! So glad to be home safe and sound in the USA.. Congratulations again out to Stephen Redmond for his completion of the Oceans Seven - he was a great guy to chat with while we were there, and so supportive. He came down to the dock when we got back in the dark, and he was supposed to be up in a few hours on his attempt! A great guy indeed...

    www.darren-miller.com Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

  • Steve was only complimenting you tonight Darren when he landed in Cork Airport. The camaraderie is, I think, a huge part of all this insanity of ours!
  • MvGMvG Brussels (BE) and Lith (NL)Charter Member
    What an achievement, well done Darren!
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