What's in that Rocky Mountain spring water anyway? John Batchelder

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Colorandan, John Batchelder following in the footsteps of Sarah Thomas and Craig Lenning is starting his second marathon swim in four days. John completed 20 Bridges on Saturday, will be starting a Catalina crossing tonight. Oh yea and he's doing it Butterfly. This year, John has already completed the Tampa Bay Marathon swim and the End Wet all butterfly. Additionally he's had a full slate of shorter events including the SCAR swim challenge, Swim Around Lido Key, The Portland Bridges swim, many Colorado local races and a full competitive pool schedule including USMS long course national championships. WOW! Keep drinking the water John. FYI, after tonight he still has the venerable Horsetooth 10K, Swim the Suck and probably some that I don't know about. Catalina tracker https://track.rs/batches/



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