Messenian Gulf 2017

Several forum members ( @dccliff, @Ned, @Lori_k, others?) found themselves in the Messenian Gulf (Kalamata to Koroni) this weekend. As a 2018 Greek-swim-aspirant (Messenian and/or Toroneos), I'd be interested in hearing anything the swimmers and escorters had to say about this event: Swim organization (e.g., how do you go about acquiring an escort boat)? Swim conditions? Anything you wish you had known going in? Surprises? Overall impressions?



  • phodgeszohophodgeszoho UKSenior Member

    Is there a link anywhere to a map/route for this swim?

  • NiekNiek Heiloo, NetherlandsCharter Member

    the website for ΚΟΛΥΜΒΗΤΙΚΟΣ ΜΑΡΑΘΩΝΙΟΣ ΜΕΣΣΗΝΙΑΚΟΥ ΚΟΛΠΟΥ - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • SydneDSydneD Senior Member

    @mamill Thank you so much for asking this! I am also SUPER interested in this. I've looked at Toroneos and this looks equally compelling.

  • WarmWaterWarmWater SingaporeMember

    Frustrating site, I don't actually see anything about the races themselves - to/from, distance etc..? Am I blind?

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