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The IMSHOF Class of 2018 and ISHOF Awards were announced this week on the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Facebook page. The full list is given below with a very short note for each individual. The next newsletter will present full biographies. If you do not already receive our newsletter please signup on the bottom right of any page of the website www.imshof.org. Finally a reminder tickets are now available for the 31st March 2018 Induction Ceremony in London: http://www.active.com/old-windsor/water-sports/swimming-races/international-marathon-swimming-hall-of-fame-induction-dinner-2018

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame 2018

HONOR CONTRIBUTORS Linda Kaiser (USA) – Administrator 30+ years Hawaiian swim director and Molokai channel association co-founder

Hugh Tucker (RSA) – Coach 40+ years of helping South African (and visiting) marathoners with 300+ swim escorts

HONOR SWIMMERS - FEMALE Cindy Cleveland (USA) 1970s/1980s pioneering swims in California

Pilar Geigo (ARG) Dominated the FINA Grand Prix professional circuit for 10 years

Martina Grimaldi (ITA) Olympic medalist, world champion and podium finisher 24 times

Kathrin Lammers (GER) Elite racer 1993-2002 with 25 podium finishes

Jaimie Monahan (USA) Pioneered new swims in Lakes Geneva/Maggiore plus speed record for double Manhattan

Anna-Carin Nordin (SWE) First Swede in the IMSHOF and first female to comple Oceans Seven

Poliana Okimoto (BRA) Olympic medalist, world champion and podium finisher 28 times

Sarah Thomas (USA) Set then broke the records for the longest lake swim

HONOR SWIMMERS - MALE Albert Coward (GBR) 1970/1980s pioneering swims in the Bay of Naples

Trent Grimsey (AUS) World champion and set the English Channel speed record

Zhang Jian (CHN) Pioneering swims in China and first Chinese swimmer to complete the English Channel

Mohamed Ahmed Marouf (EGY) Elite racer 1985-2001 and his Lake Zurich records still unbeaten after 24 years

Rohan Dattatrey More (IDN) Marathon swimmer from age 11 with six of the Oceans Sevens completed

Jacques Tuset (FRA) Global marathon career and 25 prison island escapes

** International Swimming Hall of Fame Awards** IRVING DAVIDS/CAPTAIN ROGER W. WHEELER MEMORIAL AWARD Stéphane Lecat (FRA) From world champion swimmer to the leader of the medal winning French National Team

POSEIDON AWARD Chris Guesdon (AUS) 56 years in the sport from marathon swimmer to the designer of the Olympic 10k



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    I swam the English Channel the same day that Zhang Jian did. I had my family with me. Zhang had the entirety of China. Below is my EC swim video (part 1 with only 400 views, which are mostly my mom) and there are some shots of Zhang. The Chinese decked the beach out with dozens of Chinese flags and many media members. (I was interviewed by one as I pushed off). He had a large three mast vintage sailing ship with him along with a helicopter sending a live feed back to China. He shows up at about 11 minutes into my video and we cut to him a few times. I was able to meet him a few days before his swim. He was a very nice guy and I was very happy for him to succeed. Even more so when an entire nation is watching.


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    "(part 1 with only 400 views, which are mostly my mom)"

    Lol - awesome :-)

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