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I've just watched James Harrison's film of Adrian Sarchet's North Channel solo, "Sea Donkey". I don't think I've ever spent so much time on the edge of my seat. Chewed my nails to the quick. Can't recommend it highly enough if you enjoy swimming stories.



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    LOVE it! Saw this film yesterday--

    More info here: http://seadonkeyfilm.com/

    Features a guy who aspires to complete Oceans 7, and focuses on his North Channel swim. The training footage alone was impressive! As a fledgling marathon swimmer, I'm still something of a wimp about rough conditions, but he plunges right in, regardless of water temp or chop.

    Then there's his persistence through the swim itself, ad he was getting colder, being stung by jellyfish and yet not giving up.

    But I'm sure many of you can tell similar stories. Marathon swimming calls for a lot of bravery and persistence.

    Just in awe!

  • We (a group called Oregon Wild Swimming) are hosting a viewing next Friday at a club that serves Endurance athletes. 50% of those attending are outside of the OW community! I’m pretty excited to share and compare our epic adventures with those in the Ultra world.

  • swimrn62swimrn62 NY, NYMember

    I loved this film. There is so much to learn, not only about what it takes to undertake such a brutally challenging swim, but also about crewing. What a pleasure to watch and listen and yes, bite nails!

  • This was great!! Very suspenseful. My 10 year old pool swimmer son said he couldn’t really complain about his practices after that.

  • mjstaplesmjstaples Atlanta, GA, USMember

    I loved this! Even my non swimmy best friend was glued to the tv. She teared up a few times.

  • BogdanZBogdanZ Bucharest, RomaniaMember

    I watched it last night and was WOW! Recommend it to anyone.

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