Upcoming Philly area swims

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Hello all,

These are great events for reasonable prices (so you can spend the $ you save on a nice hotel!). :)

Here's a link to a list of this year's events:


A couple of particular interest to the marathon swimming community:

The Charles Bender Memorial Marathon Swim and Relay: 8 mile river swim with relay options. Low key, well-organized swim, friendly atmosphere--nice spread of food and beer afterward.

2018 French Creek Racing River Day SwimFest: this consists of three races: a 5k, a mile, and an 800. You can do one, two, or all three. Also a river swim, this starts at a different point than the Bender swim does, but also includes the free food/beer.

For those who like to mix swimming and running: 2018 French Creek Racing SwimRun Challenge: the course consists of a 1k swim/5k run, which you can complete once or twice. Or do the run or swim as stand-alone events. Or draft a friend and do it as a relay.

If you're in town during the week for business or pleasure, you might want to look into the Open Water Swim series. The swims are just a half mile, but if you're in a time crunch and want a quick workout, something to consider:

Finally, for the triathletes, the 2018 French Creek Triathlon offers several choices as well, including sprint and Olympic distances, as well as a relay (Olympic only), and aqua-bike. The swim course is flat--the bike and run courses... well, you all like challenges! :)



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    This looks like a great event!

  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    Aksilcox said: This looks like a great event!

    There's a nice listing of swims.... for those who want a quick evening workout after work, the half mile races are fun and followed by a BBQ with beer!

    Or go longer and enter the River Day swims.... do the 5k, mile, and/or 800.

    Or go longer still and sign up for the Bender Memorial 8 mile swim. I was in that the last couple years but doing the relay this year to help a friend fill her team. Also gives me practice kayaking and supporting other swimmers, something I've been thinking I need to do.

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