Swim Across the Sound 2012

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Anyone done this swim before? I fly up Wednesday. I don't have any concerns about the swim itself, but I have questions about how to kill Thursday before the meeting and all day Friday in a fairly low key manner (if nothing else, I can read and watch TV in my hotel room after my short swims)

I know that the water will be cool (for me who lives in louisiana and is currently restricted to training in pools), and that the currents should be more or less favorable, but other than jellyfish, what should I expect? Is the water clear at all? Any other words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance, everybody.


  • njoynjoy Member
    Hi Tim. I live on the NY side of the Sound, so I can't tell you anything about what to do in Bridgeport, other than I don't think there's much, unfortunately. The water temp is mid to low 70s. I would say the water is more on the murky side, but it's still pretty pleasant. I haven't seen a single jellyfish so far this year (yaaay), but the sea lice are driving me nuts.

    Have good travels. I will meet you at the meeting I presume.
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    @njoy - Thanks for the info. I have my Mom bringing jellyfish sting kits just in case. I worked with a girl who grew up in Seymour and would swim in the sound for fun, and she complained about them.

    I've been watching the buoy temps online, and am looking forward to swimming in cooler water, although not to getting into it.

    Look forward to meeting you Thursday.
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