Boston Light Swim 2018 lottery registration

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Don't forget! The sign up for the BLS lottery closes at 1:00 on March 14th. That is this Wednesday! Use the below link to sign up for the 2018 BLS lottery starting on March 1st and closing on the 14th.



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    Best of success to all who get in! I'm passing this year. My mile speed wouldn't make the 37 minute cut-off for entries, and cash flow isn't a thing just now--although I do hope, for once, to finally join the Doty swim! :) I'm not writing off BLS indefinitely, though, b/c hope springs eternal and I still believe, despite my age, that I can improve. Have fun, everyone--great event, well-organized, definitely worth joining! Swim happy!

    Also....In case you don't make the BLS lottery, come down the Northeast Corridor and join this 8 miler!

    Or, even if you do get in, come down our way for a second helping of 8 miles! We'd love to have you! And you'll have a couple weeks to recover from BLS so no conflict!

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    Last call for swimmer lottery entries to the 2018 Boston Light Swim to be held on August 11. We'll be shutting down lottery registration at 1 p.m. eastern today. If you want to swim this year, you have to enter the lottery, and that has to happen by 1 p.m. today. We'll randomly select the winners from the lottery and you'll be notified of your status tomorrow. Good luck!


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