Last Minute Support Crew Needed for Bermuda Training Swim

Hi, everyone, So sorry to be posting this here, wasn't sure where the best place would be. Unfortunately I am in a pretty desperate situation.

I know this is extremely last minute, but two of my support crew for my Bermuda Training Swim just canceled leaving me with only one person helping with feeds. On the slim off chance that someone here might be available or know someone that would be interested I thought of reaching out to the Forum.

This coming Wednesday May 30th I am doing a 25 mile (guesstimating 20 hour) training swim around Bermuda. I will be in Bermuda from Monday May 28th to Monday June 4th. I am providing housing for everyone for that entire time.

It's just a training swim, getting the feel for the waters, working out logistics with my captain, etc, so it's a relaxed very pared down event, one escort boat, captain, co-captain, and 3 support crew.

If this is something you or anyone you know might be interested and available to help with let me know. I would be eternally grateful!

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration! Sarah


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