Crew Support For Batches' 50+ Mile Lake Powell Butterfly Swim 2018

batchesbatches Littleton, COMember
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The week of September 23-29, I am planning an epic 50+ mile butterfly swim in Lake Powell. This will be more than double my longest lake swim to date, and I expect it to take somewhere around 40 hours. A bunch of possible routes have been identified, though nothing has been determined quite yet. I'll be spending August looking at the water levels to decide a route and work out the details.

At the moment, I'm in need for some volunteer crew members. I am in particular dire need of at least two experienced observers to help make this an MSF documented swim. I may also need general help for feed management and kayak support, pending on what I hear back from my initial feelers. If anyone is interested in helping me out, please let me know.



  • dpm50dpm50 PA, U.S.Senior Member

    I wish! I'll be back teaching then, but bumping this with the hope you get responses!

  • BridgetBridget New York StateMember

    I'm far away, but will be following your progress! You picked an auspicious lake- maybe there is some residual wake to follow! :)

  • AzskiAzski Prescott, ArizonaMember

    I'll be returning from a Channel Islands adventure of my own on Sept. 18-19. I live in Prescott, Arizona, about a 3 hour drive from Lake Powell. I am very familiar with the Lake and I own 2, 16 ft. Zodiac inflatable boats w/ 40hp outboard motors. I can't take anymore time off work because of my swimming the week prior to your dates but could be available to help you on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Or, I could help with local contacts and info.

  • batchesbatches Littleton, COMember

    @Azski thanks for responding. At the moment I'm just looking for bodies to help out on the houseboat I'm renting. The swim itself is going to be sometime during the week to avoid the increased activity over the weekends. I'm aiming for starting on Monday, September 24 or Tuesday, September 25, so unfortunately not over the weekends when you could help out.

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