Trent Grimsey sets new English Channel Solo record

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Six hours and fifty five minutes exactly, two minutes ahead of the 2007 Petar Stoychev record. Landed just NE of the end of the Cap, watched by cheering fishermen, Sea Satin & crew and a lot of people up on the Cap viewing point. I doubt any except Gallivant & Sea Satin's contingent understood what they were really seeing.

I was amazingly lucky enough to be on the boat for a close up view. If Channel swimming was tennis, I would have been an ordinary person given a seat by the Umpire beside Centre Court while Andy Murray & Roger Federrer went at it. In this case it was Trent vs Petar Stoychev, and it was very much a race even though there was only one person actually there. The World's Most Popular Open Water Swimming Blog



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