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Anyone else find butterfly as useful training for their big swims?
I enjoy a heavy dose of fly in my workouts, but due to the rather narrow lanes (6'... thats under 2 meters to the rest of the world) at my regular pool, I usually opt for all (or 90%) freestyle when I have a lane mate or two.

I find I can get the most bang for my buck during shorter pool sessions, and I don't suffer from any shoulder pain, which seems to be the biggest complaint from most people... and seems to be the reason most masters swimmers beg out of fly.

If there is any interest, lets use this thread to share fly-based practices, and advice.
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    I love fly and find my stroke doesn't fully warm up in the pool until I've done a few drill sets involving either full-out fly or one-armed drills. Mostly I do these sets as drill fly to ease up on the shoulder pressure and rarely do a full stroke more than twice a week.

    I have several 500-1000 drill sets that are either fly/back/free or IM drills. I usually drop about 10secs/100m after I've done the sets.

    First one is 10x50 -odds are fly/free, evens are back/free. The free in both sets are hypoxic 3 to hypoxic 5, all with a 5sec rest. Sometimes I do this as 20x50 depending on my total workout distance that day.

    Second is 10x75 IM. Straightforward (fly/back/breast - free/fly/back, etc)

    Third is 8x200s- stroke first 25 per lap/free second 25 per lap. I greatly dislike breaststroke so I tend to do this as odd sets fly and even sets back.

    The point in all of these is to build up to some amount of fly, but not too much. I only do about 100m per session of all-our fly just to protect my shoulders (I've had reconstructive surgery already and don't care to have it again.)

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    Not a fly workout... but part of Friday's main set for the Gunks masters was a cross-fit inspired sprint/push-up session.
    12x 100 as:
    3x (50easy + 10 push-ups + 50sprint)
    3x (50sprint + 10 push-ups + 50easy)
    3x (50fly + 10 push-ups + 50free)
    3x (25ez/25sprint + 10 push-ups + 25sprint/25ez)

    now... the water surface at the deep end at our pool is about 18" below the deck and so to exit gracefully for each round of p'ups requires a powerful mantle.

    ...soreness prevails (the 46 degree water at Brighton Beach was therapeutic)
    ...anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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