Your 2013 Season

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(There was another thread here called "What's your next big swim?" but I thought a more 2013 specific thread might be proper. I searched but couldn't find one already started.)

So what's on your sked for 2013? Organized races? Crossings?

I'll start:

If money were no object, I'd do all of the following: Swim the Suck(again), one NYC swim (not MIMS, not ready for that yet), Boston Light, Potomac (7.5mil), Arizona SCAR or Oregon 5 swims in one weekend or Highland Lakes Challenge, Potomac 10K (but this time finish), and my crazy Santa Barbara Inter-Island attempt.

But as money and free time don't grow on trees, I'll try to hit as many of those as I can, probably sticking close to home, except for the inter-island attempt, which I will spend the money on.


  • 2012 was my year of 10km swims, so I am hoping to double up on that for 2013 and do 20km swims:

    Rottnest Channel
    Key West
    Swim the Suck (ok it's not 20km and it's current assisted, but it sounds like so much fun!)
  • Good idea for a thread.

    Longer term I would love to do Catalina and MIMS but need to save up for those or win the lottery, so they won't happen in the next couple of years!

    I also want to swim from the UK to the US as that would be so cool (but would have to cheat by swimming from British Virgin Isles to US Virgin Isles).

    I'm planning to do 2-way Windermere in 2013, 21 miles. It's not the most famous of swims, but is just stunning, and I think it's going to be a tough one. I also have a 3 person EC relay booked in June.
  • That's the plan so far for 2013...and putting on at least 6kg...
    Mar/Apr 30 km Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta (Thai)
    May - 20 km Lake Argyle (Aus)
    Jun - 25km Cabrera/Mallorca
    Aug - 39km Menorca (to Mallorca) channel
    - 17m Rose Pitonof (tbc)
    Oct - 15km Cleanhalf (HK)
  • Right now, thinking the SCAR Challenge in May, Tahoe and Horsetooth in the summer, and hopefully searching for Memphre in the fall. And finding some time to get married somewhere in there, too! :-)
  • Planning to swim from North Manitou or South Manitou Island to Leland in Lake Michigan. 10 or 16 miles, depending on how much training I can get it. So far, so good.
  • My goal is to swim the 12.7km Northumberland Strait ( using only my left arm. :D

    (Righty is still recovering from frozen shoulder.)
  • Will you be claiming a world record for right-armed swimming of the Northumberland Strait? ;)
  • AND, @WaterGirl, I'll also be gunning for the first pink-polka-dotted bathing suit crossing. :) I will need to keep my ego in check! ;)
  • I'm thinking:

    - drop 30 more lbs
    - Swim Miami 10k
    -MIMS (if they let me in.... my race resume is comparatively weak considering I've only been back for 1 season)
    - Lac St. Jean 32k (If they let me in as well)
    - a few 2-4k local races.
    - If MIMS and Lac St. Jean don't work out, I might try a lake O crossing.
  • So far it's looking like:

    1. English Channel 2-Way Relay with Crosóige Mara for Down Syndrome Ireland
    2. Round Jersey Solo (with the single purpose of beating Ned Denison's time)
    3. A long swim on the Munster Blackwater (the Irish Rhine)

    If I had the financial means this list would be ten times as long!
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    1. a 10k
    2. sub-30min lap of Sandycove
    3. Myrtleville - Church Bay .... inside the time limit :-/
    4. promote the Barry McCarthy Memorial Swim here in Carrick, in the River Suir
    (Munster's longest river, take that Blackwater) ;))

    5. and several more, including Lee Swim and Gaddin-Abt-Garnish
  • 1. Swim Miami 10k
    2. 3 local 2-3 milers
    3. NYC little red lighthouse 10.2k
    4. Swim Around Charleston 12 mile
    5. a postal 10k, and maybe some other master's events if I can swing it
  • So many swims and so little money but I have credit cards - ha, ha, ha!
    I am going to put in applications and see if I get selected for Ederle, Statue of Liberty, Boston Light and Zurich in the summer. I have sent in an entry for SCAR. The 8 Bridges Swim is also high on the list although there is no way on earth this tired old body could ever do all 7 stages. On the short side of things I have finally entered an Alcatraz swim in May and will have my triple crown of prison swims (-: And of course the Flowers Swim in the Cayman Islands sounds like a great excuse for a tropical vacation...
  • @SuirThing, it's quality not quantity that matters most! You can keep your "Suir" and her wicked sisters...
  • Really looking forward to 2013.

    March - 10k Race in Cancun
    May - S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge 3 Days 40 miles
    June - Strait of Bosphorous - Turkey - 24 miles
    June - 8 Bridges - Hudson River 120 miles
    July - Anacapa -Santa Barbara - 11 mile
    August - Lake Tahoe - 21
    August - The Tahoe 360 - 68 miles
  • Since they think they have found the cause of my (near-fatal) anemia and can prevent it, I can finally look forward a little more. Of course, finances are another issue. That said, the 2013 wish list is:

    June - 8 Bridges, stage 2 (and maybe stage 3 or 4)
    July - END-WET
    August - Ederle or Pitonof
    September - Charleston
    December - Crazy Swim (?)

  • owenswims93" said:
    @SuirThing, it's quality not quantity that matters most! You can keep your "Suir" and her wicked sisters...
    a good big one will always beat a good little one
    the River Suir - Ireland's Amazon :)

  • Arizona S.C.A.R. Swim.
    English Channel.
    LaJolla Roughwater / Gatorman.
    Also want to get several stages of 8 Bridges Hudson River and another Kingdom Swim in.
  • Arizona S.C.A.R. (First and last stage) :D
    Slam the Dam 8K (probably)
    Possibly Gatorman
    As many local races as I can (1-4K).
  • Double Golden Gate swim if I can get the weather to cooperate. It's been fogged out 2 years in a row. I think I'll try earlier in the season.
    Portland's 11 bridges 11 miles swim (the hometown race).
    English Channel - 21 miles
    Santa Barbara Channel - I'm going the less traveled route: Santa Cruz Island to Carpinteria. I think it is close to the same distance as if you swim into Santa Barbara 24.8 miles. No one has ever landed in Carpinteria that I know of and I lived there for many years.
    A possible mystery swim.
    A couple of smaller events if they fit into my schedule.
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    For the moment :D
    ZV Haerlem, Spaarnwoude
    OWW Dordrecht, Dordrecht
    OWW de Binnenmaas, Mijnsheerenland(Strijen)
    Oude Veer, Anna Paulowna
    Westerschelde Oversteek, Vlissingen
    Open water wedstrijd Het Y, Amsterdam
    Zeeuwse Zwemtocht 2013: Oostkapelle - Domburg
    Huizer Gooimeer-race, Huizen
    Brakeboer Trofee, Medemblik
    Zwemmarathon Stavoren-Medemblik + ONK marathon
    Ter Rede van Hoorn, Hoorn
    Dopharma OWW, Oosterhout
    Jan van Scheijndel Bokaal, Kijkduin - Scheveningen
    European Masters Championship 2013, Eindhoven
    Amsterdam City Swim, Amsterdam
    IJsselmeer night crossing
    Maybe 2 more but I haven't been asked there yet.
    Yes I'll be busy as judge/official and observer. ;-)
  • I want to do Tampa Bay and Swim the Suck, and possibly several close to home shorter swims: Bridge to Bridge and a few more Alcatraz crossings.
  • 1) Potomac River 7.5 mile swim in June
    2) Just put my name in the lottery for Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 mile for June as well
    3) Big swim planned for this year is the In Search of Memphre 25-mile swim in September

    This might finally be the year I fly out to San Fran for an Alcatraz Swim...does anyone have any suggestions as to which of the Alcatraz swims is the best?
  • Mallorca Swim Trek - April
    Jim McDonnell Lake Swims, Reston Virginia May
    Swim Leg, Relay, Raleigh 70.3 June 2 - ( 40 (!) triathletes from Lynchburg Va., will be competing in the inaugural Ironman Raleigh 70.3!)
    Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 mile swim (Charity Spot) June 9
    Jack King Ocean Swim, Virginia Beach Virginia June
    Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim - Charlottesville, Va., July
    EC Aspirant - July 27th - Aug 2
    Smith Mountain Lake 5K - September
    To the Bridge And Back, 5 mile swim, Richmond Va., October

    @hmbohan, I hope that you make the Chesapeake Bay Lottery! Let us know!
  • hmbohan" said:
    This might finally be the year I fly out to San Fran for an Alcatraz Swim...does anyone have any suggestions as to which of the Alcatraz swims is the best?
    Alcatraz Invitational, put on by the South End Rowing Club annually in September.
  • I like WaterWorldSwim's events, and they have Alcatraz swims all season long.

    Also, if you want a more intimate swim rather than a massive race, there's this:
  • Just beginning to explore longer events (at least longer than Chesapeake). Considering either the Boston Lighthouse Swim or Swim the Suck (maybe both). Also planning on our traditional circuit of Maine races: the Nubble Light Challenge, Peaks to Portland, and the Rockland Breakwater Swim. I will also do the Boston Sharkfest Swim, only a mile but very fun.
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    @Jgale the Rockland Breakwater Swim is my all-time favorite shorter swim. I missed it this past year because it was scheduled a weekend earlier than in previous years, but I'm hoping to make it this year if my North Channel attempt has me back stateside in enough time.

    Sounds like Greg and I might be doing a lot of Monster searching this summer up north, too, as a 2-person Memphre double relay. If time and money permits, I may be able to squeeze in a few other things, but we'll have to see how the summer and training shapes up. There is never enough vacation time or money to make the swims wish-list any shorter, now is there?

    To all of you who mentioned Boston Light, registration will open at 1pm on March 1. We'll post more details closer to the event, but be ready to apply right at 1 as we anticipate a lot of interest this year and the limited spots will likely fill quickly. It's an awesome swim that I've been lucky to be involved with for the past several years, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  • My sked has firmed up. I had to drop my Santa Barbara channel idea due to boat costs. So I went for swims that would be low cost. (Entry and air/hotel cheap and/or family nearby for lodging and close enough to drive vice fly)
    1- I stumbled into a Tampa Bay relay after volunteering to help. w00t!
    2- END Wet in North Dakota
    3- C3 Circumnavigation in NJ
    4- Potomac 10K (but this time finish)
    5- Swim the Suck
    Plus some small local swims.
  • MIMS in June
    Kingdom Swim (10 miler) in July
    Swim Across the Sound in August

    It's gonna be a fun summer! Can't wait. :)
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    SuirThing" said:
    1. a 10k
    2. sub-30min lap of Sandycove
    3. Myrtleville - Church Bay .... inside the time limit :-/
    4. promote the Barry McCarthy Memorial Swim here in Carrick, in the River Suir
    (Munster's longest river, take that Blackwater) ;))

    5. and several more, including Lee Swim and Gaddin-Abt-Garnish
    1. done. (Lough Dan)
    2. done. (sub-29min while I was at it!)
    3. done.
    4. done. over €2,300 raised for the local hospice

    5. PB in the Lee swim but skipped Garnish this year. Wonderful swim but it's just such a terrible long drive. I also did Nore swim, Blackwater swim, Thomond swim, and Escape from Spike Island.

    How did everybody else get on?

  • It's not over yet, @SuirThing! Two swims left in Cork alone: Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Swim (1.5 km & 3 km) on 28 Sep and Sherkin Island to Baltimore (2 km) on 5 Oct... Not quite marathons, I know, but still.
  • @owenswims93
    just read your report on "VI Marnaton “eDreams” Cadaqués" . #envious

    I know there's a few swims left, but just sick of driving tbh, so I think that's pretty much it for me. Well done on completing your own three goals, all records I note ....
  • @SuirThing, my season turned to crap. My Tampa relay didn't finish. We made it something like 18 miles before we realized we didn't have time to finish in the light, as our boat had no lights.

    I only swam 58-ish miles between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and all but 5 of those miles were in June and July. In July my swim bag got stolen out of my car, and for some reason that really affected my swim-mood. I bailed on END-Wet due to lack of training, then added the Ocean City (Maryland) 9-mile swim in August to try to get my mojo back. No luck. The salt water, lack of training and cold (63? 64?) killed me and I bailed at 4.1 miles. I dropped out of C3 for the same reason and sold my spot to someone who finished in great time!

    I can't go to Swim the Suck this year due to a (sudden) family wedding, so that's at least a "good" reason for bailing. I did Swim for the Potomac this year, but I was so out of shape and bummed that I decided to do the 3K instead of the 10K because, well, I wanted to finish something this year. And I did.

    I think I'm done this year. Can't travel for any swims; can't afford it. I'll use some of the money I had set aside to fly to Tennessee to re-buy all my swim gear. ;)
  • I'm in a bit of a slump as well. I didn't finish Tampa - withdrew after around 18 miles with a shoulder injury. Recovering from that took months, which I spent grieving a serious personal setback and caregiving for my dying grandpa. Instead of finding strength in swimming, I fell of the wagon and my yardage dropped.

    This summer I'm doing some shorter swims here in the bay. I swam Alcatraz to Angel Island, Alcatraz to St. Francis, and this weekend will do two Alcatraz to Aquatic Park swims on two consecutive days. I considered doing Three Seas in Three Days again, but I don't think I put in the yardage to pull it off. I'm registered to do a sprint triathlon, but, much to my dismay, it turns out I don't find pleasure in cycling.

    The struggle right now is to just get out there and swim. I'm still hoping to do Catalina next August, and at some point will have to start increasing yardage pretty significantly if that's still in the cards.
  • Hadn’t seen this thread until today, but loved reading about everyone’s goals and how their seasons turned out. Just shows us how life and swim seasons are often unpredictable. Just finished my race season yesterday and am working on what’s in store for 2014. Reflecting on 2013 season, I’m going to call this my year of gaining experience.
    1. May- Nanticoke River (3 mile) My first DNF, I learned what it feels like to get pulled for hypothermia. It was a horrible blow to my ego and confidence, but w/ help I was able to see the positives I could gain from this experience.
    2. June- Potomac River Swim for the Environment ( 7.5 mile) I learned that I have no idea how to feed in rough water, but that I I am tougher than I thought & can persevere and finish even when pretty much nothing stays down.
    3. July-Kingdom Swim (10 mile) My second go at this one and was notably better than my first year. Learned that with proper training, my bum shoulder can hold up for longer distances than I’d ever believed possible.
    4. August- Tahoe X-ing, wetsuit assisted (21 miles) This one broke down my distance barrier. I never dreamed a swimmer of my caliber could ever complete something like this. Life changer. Learned to never say never.
    5. September- Little Red Lighthouse Swim (10K, current assisted) My 5th time down the Hudson. Learned that 67 is my new 72. Felt totally comfortable in skins even though they allowed wetsuits this time. I learned that I can acclimate my lean body for cooler temps& this is just the beginning--Huge for me as I start training for some more challenging swims next season. My goals for 2014: Longer, colder & less pukey.
  • Add me to the list of people bummed about not doing the swim they intended. :( Was going to pioneer a route from one of the Manitous to Leland in Lake Michigan. Ended up moving to Cali instead. Longest open water swim of the year 2 miles, longest pool workout 4. :( Oh well. Had lunch with Rob this last weekend and am hoping to get into the waters around Avila. Next year Anacapa to Oxnard?
  • I'm still working my way up to the longer swims: I did two 10Ks this year, but in a way it was a step backward from last year because last year I also did two 10Ks, plus a 4.8 mile (I also did some shorter swims both years). Basically, though, I found a new way to challenge myself, because this year I did my first below-60F-degree swim. Only 1 mile - it was the Santa Cruz Rough Water - but still kind of a milestone for me because I'm a bit of a cold-water wimp. I actually loved the race, though, and next year I might double-down and do the 2 mile swim. I'm also trying to decide on a swim closer to 10 miles next year... hopefully a little bit above 60 degrees though.
  • 2013 will be a year best forgotten for me. I had more stomach bleeding earlier in the year after nearly dying from it last year. As a result, I had to cancel 8 Bridges and END-WET. I only got about 1/2 way at C3 due to picking up a stomach virus at a conference I attended earlier that week. Didn't do any shorter races as I always seemed to have other obligations that precluded the type of travel needed.
    I did some experimentation with "Canova"-style training and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome, although I don't think I will throw over periodization just yet.

    Have decided to get more serious about 2014 - at least as serious as a slow, 58 year old can be, I guess.

  • My swim list is short, but I was able to achieve my goal: completing the C3.

    For me the largest impact of this been a boost in confidence that I can complete longer races with a relatively low yardage training regimen. For the past four years I've averaged approximately 10K-14K yards per week. To prepare for the C3, I slowly increased this in the past 5 months and peaked in August at around 25K yards/week:

    I also had a great day at the Little Red Lighthouse this past weekend. I got there early to help with the check in and got to catch up with a bunch of swimmers...btw,
    @Jbirrrd I think I checked you in, sorry I didn't say hi, but I didn't realize you were JBirrrd!
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    My 2013 season is best described as the good, the bad, the ugly, and the insanely great.

    The Good: I started my season early when I went to SCAR to train. But for a shoulder spasm on the third day which led me to pull out after 8 1/2 miles on the long day, the trip to Arizona was amazing. Great people and great swims.

    The Bad: My pilot for the English Channel decided he would take me out on a day none of the other 12 pilots took out a swimmer. I felt great, but the conditions went from unfavorable to bad, and then to very bad. I pulled myself after 6 1/2 hours just after I got into the second shipping lane. I still had a bit more in me, but nowhere near what it was going to take to get across.

    The Ugly: I had planned on a crossing of the Santa Barbara Channel from Santa Cruz Island to Carpinteria. I set the date for 3 to 4 weeks after when my EC attempt would likely occur. I calculated that at that point in September I would be in the best condition I've ever been for a marathon swim. It was a swim I always wanted to do when I lived in Carpinteria. Unfortunately on the days leading up to the swim I began to get a sense that I had not recovered from my efforts in Dover. After 2 hours it became readily apparent that it was not going to be my day. I struggled for another hour with a headache and fatigue and then called it quits. It was very disappointing, but I had already decided 2013 would be my last year swimming this kind of distance in cold water, so I just had to give it a shot and hope for the best.

    The Insanely Great: After my first EC attempt failed I decided to extend my stay and make another attempt. I received an amazing amount of help and support from many people. Among them were: Nick Adams, Kevin Murphy, Dr Otto Thanning, David Barra, Roger Finch, Neil Morton and Gary Brinkley. Without each and everyone I would have never been able to make my second attempt. Honorable mention goes to my bank who authorized a large withdrawal the day before the swim to pay the pilot Paul Foreman. While I pulled myself shy of 15 hours because I had run out of steam, it was a fantastic experience I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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    @ Mike_Gemelli, I propose a new marking system at all open water events requiring one's MSF moniker sharpied onto arm under race number. Good idea, no?

    And I am loving your training line graph. It will be projected up on my Promethean board and analyzed during a future 5th grade math lesson. :-)
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    @JBirrrd Glad mine is only 4 digits long :)
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    @JBirrrd, the moniker might draw too much attention, maybe MSF members could develop a secret handshake ;)

    If you really want the raw data for the graph, I can send it to you...but it might be a bit boring to 5th graders; Kids are advanced these days, I'm still trying to keep up with my daughter's 3rd grade Singapore Math problems!
  • managed quantity if not quality in 2013... several events I would highly recommend are Swim to the Moon, Detroit, MI, in August, Madison Open Water Swim, Madison, WI, in August, Cap 2K Swim, Austin, TX, in May, and the Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge, Austin, TX, in October...

    2013 SWIM LOG

    14 April 2013 - SUN The Snap is Back 2.5K Lake Conroe, Willis, TX
    27 April 2013 - SAT Rice Aquatics Open Water ~ 1/2 mile Twin Lakes Scuba Park, Manvel, TX
    27 April 2013 - SAT Rice Aquatics Open Water ~ 1 mile Twin Lakes Scuba Park, Manvel, TX
    27 April 2013 - SAT Rice Aquatics Open Water ~ 2 mile Twin Lakes Scuba Park, Manvel, TX
    4 May 2013 - SAT Howdy Honda Capital 2K Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX
    19 May 2013 - SUN Pensacola Three-Mile Bridge Swim Pensacola Bay, Pensacola, FL
    1 June 2013 - SAT Lowcountry Splash ~ 5 miles (INAUGURAL) Wando River & Charleston Harbor, Charleston, SC
    30 June 2013 - SUN The Ridges Resort Invitational 5K OWS - CANCELLED Lake Chatuge, Hiawassee, GA - CANCELLED
    20 July 2013 - SAT The Cornhusker Games - 1500 M Holmes Lake, Lincoln, NE
    20 July 2013 - SAT The Cornhusker Games - 5K Holmes Lake, Lincoln, NE
    10 August 2013 - SAT Ohio River Open Water Swim - 1.2 MI Ohio River, Prospect, KY
    11 August 2013 - SUN Swim to the Moon 5K Halfmoon Lake, Pinckney, MI
    17 August 2013 - SAT Madison Open Water Swim - 2.4 MI Lake Monona, Madison, WI
    6 October 2013 - SUN Snapping Tortuga 5K Lake Conroe, Willis, TX
    25 October 2012 - THU Tex Robertson's DARN Challenge Inks Lake, TX
    26 October 2012 - FRI Lake LBJ Highland Lakes Challenge Lake LBJ, TX
  • hmbohan" said:
    1) This might finally be the year I fly out to San Fran for an Alcatraz Swim...does anyone have any suggestions as to which of the Alcatraz swims is the best?
    I have made the trip to San Francisco for a handful of Sharkfests and World Water Swim events. I think I need to set my sights on Round the Rock, Alcatraz Touch-and-Go or the RCP Tiburon Mile Swim.

  • I'm more-or-less new to OWS, though I raced GCBS in '95 and '96, plus some Ironman races. I was also a collegiate swimmer and college swimming coach.

    January: USMS 1hr postal
    April: Masters Meet
    May: Ozark Open Water Swim, 4k (AR)
    May: USA Swimming Meet, 1500m and 400m pool swims
    July: USA Swimming Meet, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m pool swims
    August: USMS 10,000m postal
    September: Tall Chief Open Water Challenge, 3miles (OK)
    October: Lake Travis Solo? Please post info or RR's.
  • Bill" said:
    I'm thinking:

    1. drop 30 more lbs
    2. Swim Miami 10k
    3. MIMS (if they let me in.... my race resume is comparatively weak considering I've only been back for 1 season)
    4. Lac St. Jean 32k (If they let me in as well)
    5. a few 2-4k local races.
    - If MIMS and Lac St. Jean don't work out, I might try a lake O crossing.
    1. Oops, that didn't happen
    2. Done.
    3. Done, glad I didn't lose that 30 lbs... certainly came in handy.
    4. Work got crazy and I didn't make it.
    5. Done

    All in all, a good 2nd season.
  • dc_in_sf" said:
    2012 was my year of 10km swims, so I am hoping to double up on that for 2013 and do 20km swims:

    Rottnest Channel
    Key West
    Swim the Suck (ok it's not 20km and it's current assisted, but it sounds like so much fun!)
    Rottnest Channel: Check
    Key West: Subbed in C3 instead
    Swim the Suck: Check

    Mileage wise on track to break half a Donal* this year so pretty happy all in all for 2013 and looking forward to 2014

    * a Donal = a million meters swum in a year, named for @loneswimmer who achieves or exceeds this particular mark year over year.
  • Hi guys,

    My first post and probably fitting as in the Uk the open water swim season is pretty much over.

    Happy with 2013 season 2x 10k swims and a 28k solo river swim. Although as a member of a masters club far to much backstroke in 2013 :(

    Making plans for 2014 and have to say I love the solo challenges (kayaker of course)
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