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  • Lake Travis Relay solo swim completed. First in the solo division, 3rd OA. For right now, I'll just take another day or two off and let my beard rash heal. Then I'll look forward to next year.

    It was a good year to be back into swimming. As recently as June of 2012, I was thinking about ultra marathon runs. Then, I got the swimming bug again. There is certainly less wear-and-tear on me than running.
  • FrancoFranco Charter Member
    I think my season is over so my list includes

    Ocean City 9-miler
    Swim the Suck

    I was tempted to try Georgeville or Bust but I was worried about my shoulder holding up. Regretting missing it but looking to get back up to the Kingdom next year.

    I recommend all of the events I did this year. Two inaugural events made for some great additions to the mid-Atlantic. Great seeing forum members and old friends.
  • Just finished up with my season and it was a blast! All events that involved swimming:
    -John Daly 1 mile swim
    -Stars and Stripes Aquathlon (1500m swim 5km run)
    -Wayland 3 mile swim
    -Mashpee 5km swim
    -Brooklyn Bridge swim (1 mile)
    -NYC Triathlon (Olympic)
    -Governor's Island (2 miles)
    -Wild Fish 2 mile swim
    -Catalina Channel
    -Little Red Lighthouse Swim (10km with current)
    -Bermuda Round The Sound (10km)

    I don't want the season to be over!
  • Holy cow,@Leadhyena! This is quite a swim repertoire!

    Kudos and congrats to all of you.
  • Had a fan-tas-tic season & wanted to thank - chronologically

    AZ SCAR Swims
    Kent Nicholas, Anna Van Winkle, Jon Ford & fellow swimmers Dave Barra, Barbara Held, Grace Van Der Byl, Roger Finch, Ned Denison, Bob Needham, Greg O'Connor, etc etc

    8 Bridges Hudson River Swims
    Rondi Davis, Dave Barra, Greg & Amanda Porteus, Gary Gryzbek, Jim More, Lisa Neidrauer , Eileen Burke & fellow swimmers Willie Miller, Hannah Borgeson, Patricia Sener, Capri etc etc

    P2P Cape Cod Bay Swim
    Greg O'Connor, Elaine Howley, Dave Barra, Eileen Burke & Ted Thomas

    Tsugaru Channel
    Steve Munatones, Moriya-San, Capt Mizushima & Kumiko

    Plus my family & friends & Eileen Burke & Noam Siegel to whom I dedicated all this season

    What's next!?! Can't wait til next year!
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