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Has anyone here swum the Cabrera Channel (Cabrera to Mallorca)? I've just started looking at it as a possible pre-MIMS adventure - all advice / experience gratefully received.


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    Teresa Planas did the swim
    Contact José Diaz who helped her.
    His English isn't that good. But always better than my Spanish :)) - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • Thanks for this. I'm thinking about the more modest Cabrera Channel (island of Cabrera to Mallorca) and am saving the Menorca Channel for another day, but this is really helpful. Happily for me, my partner is a fluent Spanish speaker, and we've written to XBOSS (who govern those swims) for more info. But it's helpful to read a first-hand account of swimming around there.
  • I swam it this year - wonderful swim organised by xtrmsports. I can highly recommend it. As you might have read, they drop you off at Cabrera and you just swim straight back to Mallorca. No major currents, jellies or other disturbing things.
    Most swim it in a wetsuit (so did I) as it is quite chilly for mortal swimmers. EC swimmers and other forum members will laugh at it, as it it is maybe a ~18 C...
    I'll attempt the Menorca channel this year (without wetsuit).
  • Thanks @Mandai - and congrats on your swim this year. I want to try it fairly early in the year, so they might not be happy about a non-wetsuit swim, but I'll see what they say. What time of day did you start your swim?

    My only reservation is that I have to go over in a boat first - not a great start to a swim for me (as my puke-fest of a Catalina swim showed). I've asked about going the other way...or maybe going over the day before (which is what I wish I'd done with Catalina).

    It looks like a lovely swim though - I really hope this comes off and I can give it a go.
  • Did you book via xtrm? They have no reservations that you go with bioprene only. It is great bunch of people; the boss at xtrm - Toni Contesti swam Menorca this year (w/o wetsuit). Took them over 17hrs as they got stuck for hours in a current.
    We started at 7am from Cabrera. Sea is calm at that time and they have a fast boat, so the trip won't take that long. Don't worry too much about it. Cabrera is a protected Island which you cannot enter. So, there is no way to stay there overnite.
  • Yes - we've contacted XTRM to see what we can organise. That's a shame about not being able to go the day before...the boat thing is a real problem for me, but I'll give it some thought. The important thing is that it sounds like a fabulous swim and it's great to get your first hand experience of it.
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    You might go a few hours earlier if you're allowed to get ashore.
    2 hours on land should calm the body enough before the swim.

    And eat/drink ginger. See another thread on this forum. - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • Good point Niek. I think it has a small habour, so that should work. Otherwise you just try a double crossing Karen...50km.
  • Karen, if you do the Cabrera Channel early next year, you are eligible to join a team of 5 swimmers to attempt the Menorca Channel early August. It is by invitation only, but Toni will surely get you on if you succeed in the Cabrera swim. Only Eur500/pax incl full support. Good thing is - you have the boat ride to Menorca the day before...

  • I'd love to do Menorca-Mallorca....So many swims, so little time. I have an English Channel swim booked for 15th July, plus MIMS for 8th June, so my year is already starting to look a little Barra-esque. But never say never...
  • All set for 8-14 April...and the puking problem is resolved with the easiest of solutions - swimming it the other way. Very exciting.
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    and the puking problem is resolved with the easiest of solutions - swimming it the other way. Very exciting

    That's the easy way :)) - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • Well...having got round the puking problem, I thought this was all sorted bar the training, but I've just heard from XTRM who are organising the swim and apparently, the water is still unseasonably cold and they are having difficulty getting permission to do the swim w/o a wetsuit. Aside from the official side of things, I'm also feeling very ambivalent about whether I can even do it in water that at the moment seems about 13-14 degrees (c. 54-57 F) - after months of training in a 28 degree pool, I'm hardly acclimatised. In teh past, I've done at least one 6 hour swim in 13 degree water so in theory I can do it, but that was in my Channel year and I was better prepared and hardier then...I've softened up since.

    So, my plan is to go prepared to do it, but see how it is when I get there. If we can get permission, I'll go for it because it's hard pass up a swim. But I'll review once I'm there next weekend. Honestly - it's bad enough that the snow has only just gone off our roof and it's currently minus 2 outside. But when the cold weather starts ruining swimming plans, that's getting beyond a joke.

    We do have a Plan B, which mostly involves sitting around in cafes reading books, so all will not be lost.

    Think warm thoughts for the Mediterranean.
  • Well...I take that back. Apparently, Toni Contesti-Coll has worked some magic with the bureaucrats and it looks like we have our permission. I have to do some swims in the bay when I arrive to see how I cope with the temp, but it looks like we may be on after all. Time to toughen up and knuckle down.
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    Good luck and have fun. - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • Looks like we're on for tomorrow. The water is a bit nippy but should be fine - fingers crossed for a good day out. Peter will be tweeting from @thelongswim tomorrow if you want to follow or send encouraging noises. Kx
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    I don't twitter so here's my noise in advance. =D> - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

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  • All the best Karen!
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    OMG, she's so close! Go Karen!
  • Sadly, got pulled mid-Channel. It was the right decision by Peter and all is well. Will write more later when I've processed it all. Kx
  • A great account by Karen on her swim...kudos!!!
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    What a thoughtful and reflective post. Big hugs, Karen.
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