Trent Disqualified in NZ swim

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I just read this online in the NZ herald

It must have been rough out there !


  • I am curious what constitutes obstruction in an open water swim.
  • oxooxo Guest
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    It's not clear from the official rules.

    Purposely obstructing or impeding the progress of other swimmers in the field is prohibited. Doing so will result in your disqualification.

    Could have been a matter of pushing the rules a bit too far, or just pushing the rules to edge, which then opens it up to 'opinion', or maybe he was boxed-in, or maybe it was what Prinsloo meant by quite physical, or ....

    It's not likely to have been due to overcrowding. From the pictures, it looks like the elite swimmers - about 10 - started in a separate wave (the other 1500 swimmers are seen in the background all sitting down on the grass). Plus the media link that paulm provided says that the maneuver occurred at about 1km.

    The official rules do not address drafting.

    I was wondering why he was wearing a wetsuit at this time of year in Auckland. The sea temp is around 17C, but the official race rules actually encourage wearing a wetsuit: "We recommend swimmers wear a wetsuit for assistance with buoyancy and warmth".

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