Looking for boat Pilot for Solo Swim Around Capri Island, Italy

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I am looking for a boat pilot with boat for a solo swim around Isola Capri, in late august. very early morning start. If you can reccommend a good pilot in the area, that would be much appreciated....(Sto cercando un pilota barca con barca per una nuotata in solitaria intorno all'isola alla fine di agosto. mattina inizio molto presto. si prega di suggerire se conosci qualcuno....grazie). Bruce


  • Sounds like it could be a nice swim.

    I wouldn't know where to suggest to find someone but maybe you could email Luciano who handles the Capri-Napoli event.

    I have often thought that a Capri-Sorrento course would make a great swim. Please let us know if you have any success.

    Good luck!
  • hmmm... what is the distance around the island?
  • Thanks guys. Sorry for late reply...to answer your question sharbaitza..it's very approx 18kms. I will give you a report back later this Summer on how it went. Thanks Franco for your advice
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