Is it something I said?

IronMikeIronMike Moscow, RussiaCharter Member
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Why so quiet around the forum? Where'd everyone go? Am I missing something exciting?


  • NiekNiek Heiloo, NetherlandsCharter Member
    Waiting for you to start a topic. ;)
    Might even be something constructive. =)) - Cold, wind, waves, sunburn, currents, jellyfish and flotsam! Hop in and join the fun!

  • worthyadvisorworthyadvisor San Jose, CAMember
    Grad school finals, here...

    Yes, I'm a pastor. I'm also training for the Tiburon Mile 2017 and maybe even the Crown Beach swim.

  • timsroottimsroot Charter Member
    I'm in fort Meyers, swimming tomorrow morning. One of the race directors was growing about the new insurance requirements, which I found interesting.
  • WaterGirlWaterGirl Scottsdale, AZCharter Member
    I know!!! I thought maybe there was some kind of technical outage. Good job getting the ball rolling again.
  • heartheart San Francisco, CACharter Member
    Nursing injured shoulder and quietly lurking, @IronMike.
  • bobswimsbobswims OregonCharter Member
    I knew it was something I said.
  • oxooxo Guest
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    Whois Server Version 3.1415 minus 2.71828
    Domain Name: BUZZKILL.COM
    Organisation Name: Oxo Swim Products
    Contact Name: Web Administrator
    Address Line 1: 420 Old Swim Road
    Address Line 2:
    City / Town: Dagnabit
    State / Province: CT
    Zip / Postcode: 06811
    Country: US
    Telephone: +1.203-BUZ-KILL

    Record expires on 31-Oct-2019
    Record created on 31-Oct-2028
    Database last updated on 16-Oct-1902

  • Sting ray sting...lurking and in pain.
  • oxooxo Guest
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    Ironically, it's the serotonin in the venom that causes the excruciating pain.
  • Wow! really? Too much of a good thing...augh!
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