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    An "animal set' in my world has just be re-defined as "get as many yards in as possible in an hour next to the youth team that is practicing their diving for the BIG MEET." It was almost like being next to the breakwater in Aquatic Park when a tanker goes by....

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    suziedods said:

    An "animal set' in my world has just be re-defined as "get as many yards in as possible in an hour next to the youth team that is practicing their diving for the BIG MEET." It was almost like being next to the breakwater in Aquatic Park when a tanker goes by....

    Sounds like great rough water practice!

  • I swim with a US team...I get different (distance) workouts about half the time and one of my coach's favorite things to do is give me a long distance set and the kids a long fly set. The pool is set up with lap lanes only every other lane (so the lanes are double wide...we swim like there are lanes every lane though...two sets of circle swimming). He'll stick the big fast teenage boy flyers...frequently in the same double lane with me and say "It's open water! Gotta get you ready for (*insert upcoming event/race*) Have fun!!" I can't grumble too much...even though when I'm in open water I'm not taking gulps of chlorinated water and trying to make an interval. He put me through a series of racing 500 free in these conditions too.
    Sounds crazy when I am describing it....but actually it is kinda fun....
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    Bastardized from an @sylmarino set...
    200S 100K 200P
    150 S 100K 150P
    100S 100K 100 P
    2x50 HARD
    1x800 at pace but smooth
    2x50 HARD
    1x600 pace but smooth
    4x50 HARD
    1x400 PACE but smooth
    6x50 HARD
    EZ100 drill
    1x200 SPRINT
    8x50 on 1.30 but sprint sprint sprint
    1x200 P- alternate breathing or whatever to pull your stroke back together
    100 K with out board
    100 EZ count strokes 5K total .. not a huge amount but the mixing up of HARD and pace reallllly kicks my a@@
    crawl out of pool

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  • suziedodssuziedods Charter Member
    100x100.. not fast but done.. 85@1.50 (scy) and last 15 on 1.45. One bathroom break.. out of pool.
    The sad part was I could have done more but the pool was closing.. hence one more reason why we love OWS.

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  • I put together a (long) blog post for people swimming their first long pool swim (+10k). It's based on a specific session of mostly long sets rather than short intervals and is more for the swimmer doing it by themselves than as part of a group. it is thus intended to help learn about the mental side of distance as much as the physical and includes tips about preparation, during the set, and afterwards.
  • Much respect to those who can do the 100 x 100 set. I can't handle the 100's. I recently did a 5x2000, which was good, and this past Saturday, did a 2-hour straight swim. Got 8700 yards in on that. New Year's Day, I'm going for a 4 hour swim, I need a good answer to that one. I'm working on building up the mental toughness more than anything.
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    I agree with the mental play in the pool, as I mostly swim in the enjoyable ocean.
    Several hours in pool seems dreadful.
    However, for the last couple years, I've tagged along with some friends to the Y for their Xmas eve morning 100x100 fundraiser event.
    Last year it went by rather quickly and I enjoyed it.
    This year, friend Dave Smith changed it up a bit and led our lane with alternating 10x100(yd) on 1:30 and then 1:20.
    This made it more interesting.
    But it certainly was tough to get into a mental groove with all the turns and having to watch for other swimmers.
    Still, enjoyable and considering doing it again this Wed for New Years Eve morning event.

    So, "monster set" for me mentally relative to the 'King Kong' sets posted here!

    It also helped that we went for a nice couple more miles afterwards in Coronado!
    Let my mind unwind! #-o :D
  • SuirThingSuirThing Carrick-on-Suir, IrelandMember
    generally most of my sessions aren't long enough to be included here but I think this is a reasonable contribution - The Sleep-Deprived Double

    take your favourite lunchtime set and do it twice, back to back, after staying up all night

    the later in the day that you do it the better (ideally lunchtime or later, no getting it done at 4am to be off to bed while it's still dark)

    in my case I like to do it off the back of two or three 12hr night shifts but that's not a showstopper

    that transition from the first "swim down" to the 2nd "warm up" when you've had no sleep is a real test of mental strength .... you're shattered, and you know exactly what's ahead of you .... but looking back at it in the tough stages of a swim, you know you can fight through tiredness

    I tried to convince myself, but, orange flavour electrolyte, mixed with hot chocolate, tastes nothing like Terry's Chocolate Orange ....

  • SpacemanspiffSpacemanspiff Dallas, TexasSenior Member

    I drew up this SCM set when I was feeling ambitious. Goal was race pace endurance. It did not go as planned!

    1x500 @ 8:20 (1:35 goal pace leaves 25 seconds rest)
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40 (recovery)
    2x500 @ 8:20
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40
    3x500 @ 8:20
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40
    1 Minute Rest (feed) 4x500 @ 8:20
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40
    3x500 @ 8:20
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40
    2X500 @ 8:20
    1X200 Pull @ 3:40
    1x500 @ 8:20
    1x200 Pull @ 3:40

    Total: 9200 (10K after warm-up/cool-down)

    Everything went fine until after the 4x500. On the second set of 3x500's, I was gassed. I barely made the first interval, missed the second and pretty much fell apart after that. I called an audible and limped through 1,000 easy and called it a day.


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  • flystormsflystorms Dallas/Ft Worth, TXMember

    Oooh that one looks like fun. Adding it to the collection, thank you, Spiff!

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