Night Swimming in NJ

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Not sure how many members on here are in the NJ area, but I was wondering if anyone knows a good spot where I can get in a practice night swim? Thanks!


  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
    Atlantic City would be a great location with the casino lights in the background! Otherwise, hop on down the Parkway and I'll go for a night swim in the back bays of Avalon anytime this summer (if I recall you are in northern Jersey right?)
  • I thought the NJ beaches like AC were closed at night? I'm in south jersey by Philly actually, so AC or somewhere else in the southern area would be cool, thanks. If I can get in the lake by me I may just do that so I can walk home instead of driving an hour, but AC would be a great option!
  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
    I work south of Philly at Endless Pools. I was suggesting more the back bays than the beach. There are many smaller lakes scattered throughout S. Jersey as you know and they do swim clinics at Medford Lakes on Thursday afternoons through ETA & Jason Kilderry.
  • IronMikeIronMike Bishkek, KyrgyzstanCharter Member
    You work for endless pools?
  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
    Yes Sir!
  • ssthomasssthomas Charter Member
    Discounts? ;-) I need one for my deck.
  • jcmalickjcmalick Charter Member
    Anytime! I can't offer Wholesale sadly but definitely a decent deal!
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