I'm Not the Droid You're Looking For

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Recently a member impolitely posted a number of less than favorable (and inaccurate) opinions of me. I am not taking those statements seriously since as best as I can tell they were a based on a misunderstanding of a post on FB. Regretfully the author felt compelled to attack me personally instead of the content of my posts on this forum. I think this highlights the importance of attacking the facts and reasoning of an assertion and not the person who presents the facts and reasoning. It is much more effective to show why your position on a a topic is correct through the use of facts and clear reasoning. On the other hand, humor can be nearly as effective and sometimes more effective if it is done in good taste. And to the author of the posts, might I suggest that I'm not the droid you're looking for. :-)


  • I've removed the comment made about @bobswims and notified the member who made it of such and a reminder of the forum rules. Rather than allowing this thread to become a new tinderbox since I closed the other, this one is now also closed.
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