Lac Megantic

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  • LisaLisa Temporary Suspension
    Lac Megantic is nowhere near Lac St Jean. Two different sides of the St. Lawrence River and (guessing) a good 5-6 hours away. Lac Megantic is near Memphremagog, and has itself hosted numerous pro swims in the past. Not sure if they're on the circuit this year or not. Very tragic news.
  • LisaLisa Temporary Suspension
    August 10th. My bet is the swim will still happen. A World Cup race is a big deal to a small logging town like this. From an emotional standpoint, they are going to need this event. But a very tough month ahead...
  • timsroottimsroot Spring, TXCharter Member
    I'm willing to guess that if the responders are appropriately trained, and think that the crude made its way to the water, they have put boom out to contain the spill. Based on what I've read about how they responded to the BLEVE, they sound at least relatively competent.
  • LisaLisa Temporary Suspension
    The Chaudiere River flows north to the St. Lawrence. The lake is the headwater, I believe. Damage to the lake itself should therefore be minimal, though the communities downstream could be in trouble.
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