Iranian Authorities Refuse to Acknowledge Female Marathon Swimmer

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Swimmer Elham Asghari swam 20k in full Islamic garb (can you imagine the drag? Kudos to her!) and Iranian authorities are ignoring her. Thoughts?


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    Mandai said:

    While we often "look down" on people swimming in wetsuits, here is one to look up to: interesting report on an Iranian girl that swam 20km in a full hijab.

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    A sad and sobering story - thanks for posting. But I think it's important to call her a woman rather than a girl. Elham Asghari is 32.
  • She beat the record while wearing that thing?! I imagine some of the men are extremely bitter. Truly pathetic. She holds the record whether they recognise it or not imo.
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    It is a record in Iran and it doesn't matter if it meets our definition for an OWS record - that is NOT the issue. The issue is the oppression of women in this country and others and now through OWS once again an example of this oppression is there for the world to see. I hope this woman does not have 'to pay the price' for having gone public with this oppression.
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    It's a record for having a backbone of solid titanium. Swimming 20km in an extra 6 kg of cloth and then publicly asserting her RIGHT to swim in a country where women have been killed/tortured for alot less - man, she is the real deal.

    I want to be the first to nominate her for the open water swimmer of the year.


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