Off-duty firefighters attempt bootleg nighttime Alcatraz swim, hide as Coast Guard searches for them


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  • bobswimsbobswims OregonCharter Member
    They had everything they needed except brains. Left at 8 pm? What were their plans on getting back? No escort paddler? No notice to the Coast Guard? Did they assume boats would see them at 8 - 9pm? Having to hide from the Coast Guard on the island suggests they didn't think this through.
  • worthyadvisorworthyadvisor San Jose, CAMember
    Oh! That's what that was! They had talked about it on the local news twitter feed (we don't have cable), and I thought: "oops! they must have gotten lost on a swim." guess I was kinda right.

    Yes, I'm a pastor. I'm also training for the Tiburon Mile 2017 and maybe even the Crown Beach swim.

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