George Thornton, 73, is a GO for the English Channel!

ssthomasssthomas Charter Member
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George just got the word from his boat captain, Eddie Spelling of the Anastasia, that he is a go for his chance to become the oldest person to swim the English Channel. George meets the boat crew at 6:15 am, England time, and hopes to start swimming by 7:30 am. That's about 12:30 am really early Wednesday morning here in Denver.

Here is his son's blog: The blog outlines George's misadventures last summer, when the weather blew him out, and his journey this year so far. Good reading.

Eddie does a great job of sending updates via his Facebook Page, Anastasia Channel Boat, so be sure to "Like" the page if you want updates.

George is looking at a 17-24 hour swim and could use as much support as we can muster. His crew should have access to phones/internet during the swim, so any words of support can be relayed to his crew. Let's get the good vibes going for him! This is history, people.


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