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I am trying to obtain a copy of the "25 page safety plan" described on the LTSS website.
My Tahoe swim (traditional south to north route), EC rules is scheduled in about 2 weeks (August 31st).
I am all set, but would love to see what has already been developed.
If anyone can send a copy to or pass along message to Jamie, that would be great (my attempts have not worked).


  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
    Scott, I've passed along your message to Jamie, and he will be in touch. I haven't seen the safety plan, but it seems like it could be a valuable addition to the "Resources" section we are trying to build out here at
  • Perfect, thanks for your help!
  • ryanmdaltonryanmdalton San Francisco, CAMember

    Evmo did you ever get a copy of this safety plan?

  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin

    No. As far as I can tell, the website hasn't been updated since it initially launched 3 years ago.

  • JenAJenA Member

    I think I had a copy of it at one point... I got it from Patti B, and it was inspiring. Is she here? I can approach her...

  • ryanmdaltonryanmdalton San Francisco, CAMember

    JenA that would be great. I'm hoping to do this swim and any informational materials would be great.

  • JenAJenA Member

    @ryanmdalton: Patti sent me her information, and I've sent it to @evmo for hosting. Patti also included her contact info in case anyone wants to follow up with her.

  • suziedodssuziedods Member

    Tom Linthicum of SERC has done this swim a fair few times. He might also know of boats etc. A safety plan might also be obtained perhaps from The Olympic Club? Or , make your own and put it up for review? I feel that the LTSS is really a non- entity if it hasn't been updated in 3yrs and no one is responding. Also I am pretty sure GSL and/or Portland have safety plans. They might be a good place to start as well.

    Starting to like pools... @suzieswimcoach

  • JustSwimJustSwim Member

    Good to know for our future T.D. adventure. :)

  • evmoevmo San FranciscoAdmin
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    Here is Patti's Lake Tahoe safety plan:

    Thanks @JenA for reaching out to Patti and obtaining this.

  • MichaelGMichaelG Member

    As Suzie mentioned, Tom Linthicum is a wonderful contact for anybody wishing to do this swim. Having piloted my own swim last year, he is about as experienced and knowledgeable as anybody when it comes to Lake Tahoe. Even if he's unavailable to help on the day of your swim, I would highly encourage anybody seeking information to reach out to him.

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