Around Amager, 45 km

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Hans Henrik Heming is currently attempting a wetsuit-assisted swim around the Danish island Amager very close to Copenhagen. Distance is approximately 45 km.

Please feel free to cheer on him on facebook at or simply "like" his page.

The boat position can be followed live on by writing "SBV" under "Go to vessel".

His current schedule is something like (CET times)

Start: 5:21
5 km: 6:46
10 km: 8:11
15 km: 9:41
20 km: 11:11
25 km: 12:41
30 km: 14:21
35 km: 16:01
40 km: 17:41
45 km: 19:29

Go Hans Henrik! :-)


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    3,5 km to the end... :)
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    He made it in just under 18 hours. As far as I can understand there were unexpected tides meaning that he swam and swam without getting anywhere. The crew posted a 1 minute video of him and the relay team swimming with the shoreline just behind them but getting nowhere... Must have been frustrating. Anyways, he came up a few minutes ago! :)
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    The final distance was 48 km but as you probably all know that means very little (haha) when the tides are unknown. However knowing Hans Henrik I can guarantee this was no easy task... :)
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