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The whole Diana Nyad discussion has made for a certain tension in this forum. So, here is what I have learned in the locker room of the pool.

I sometimes train right after some of the age-group kids (about 8 years old, I think) get done with their training. They have some interesting discussions, such as:

1) Why is Brooke the coolest girl in school? "Because she doesn't act like a girl and try to hold your hand or kiss you. She also doesn't pass love notes in class that the other girls (who are passing it-LBJ.) read and tease you about. She also beat up Tommy Somebody-or-other who eats his own boogers." (Note: It wasn't clear if Tommy got beaten up for eating his boogers or some other egregious 8 year old offense.)
2) Who was St. Joan Of Arc? The kids are a mixture of the public school kids and a few who go to St. Joan Of Arc Catholic school. The public school kids asked the St. Joan's kids who exactly St. Joan was. This precipated a debate among the St. Joan kids that makes the Diana Nyad debate seem tame. Finally, they came to a consensus: "St. Joan of Arc was Jesus' girlfriend."
3) One kid was getting in the shower and set his IPhone (it's a wealthy community) on a ledge just outside the shower. The phone rang, but the kid was wet, so he asked his friend to get it.
Kid A: "Answer my phone. It might be my mom."
Kid B: (Clearly had no experience with an iPhone) "OK, but how do you answer the phone?"
Kid A: "Oh, I always say 'Hello...'." ("Hello" said in a real sing-song way, like my grandmother used to do. -LBJ)
4) How come Lance wasn't in school for a few days: "He stuck some pieces of cushion foam up his nose and one got stuck in the open area in his head (sinus cavity -LBJ) but he didn't tell his mom until he started to give off a bad smell when his head got infected. So they had to operate and give him drugs."
5) One other kid's comment about the same Lance just mentioned: "He's weird about his nose. He sometimes sticks a straw up his nose in the lunchroom and then drinks milk through the straw."


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot


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